Sanrio x 7-Eleven Hong Kong: Hello Kitty and Friends Sweet Delight


Oh! What I would give to live close enough to Hong Kong that the flight would be only a couple hours long, inexpensive roundtrip tickets too, and I had friends who lived there that I could stay with for the weekend! Why am I wishing that Hong Kong was so close and accessible?

Well, have you seen the latest promotion that 7-Eleven is doing? 7-Eleven Hong Kong has teamed up with Sanrio this winter season to bring fans Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight! Marketing-wise, I believe 7-Eleven in Asia and Sanrio always do a kittitastic job! It always makes me wish that there was a “kawaii” market in the United States for our local 7-Eleven convenience stores to run promotions similar to ones in Hong Kong!


There is a kawaii limited edition 12 in plush of Kitty-chan holding a strawberry dessert… Super kittilicious! ^__^


How cute are all of the products!? Each of the collectibles features a Sanrio cutie: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Monkichi, Tabo, Pochacco, Badtz Maru, Kuromi… And each one is paired up with a sweet and delightful yummy treat! ^___^


Cinnamoroll, Little Twin Stars, Pom Pom Purin and Pekkle are collectibles too!


Tabo and Hello Kitty on the top right area seem to be colored differently — they must be extra special to collect!


Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight macaroons are also available too… They sure are cute (as in too cute to actually eat them).


Beginning on December 5, fans can collect 6 stamps plus spend HK$20 to redeem one Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight Figurine. You receive one stamp upon purchase of HK$20, 2 stamps for HK$30, 3 stamps for HK$40 and so on. Of course, there are some restrictions like purchase of cigarettes, bill payment, donation, phone card, and some other purchases do not count towards the stamp. Btw, HK$20 = $2.58 USD

The first set available to collect are pictured below… Each and every one of them are super kawaii! And they are cute cases too — maybe large enough to store a small pair of earrings?



And in the New Year — beginning January 16, 2013 — fans will be able to start collecting a second series of Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight Figurines! Kawaii, neh!? ^___^



But that’s not all! Beginning at 8am on December 21 (uh-oh! I hope it is not the end of the world!), fans have another opportunity to collect some sweet delights! These look like they attach to each other — like a train. There are six different collectibles in this special set. First releases are: My Melody and Keroppi in cute Christmas theme… And from the comments I saw on Facebook, they are pretty limited!


Tabo and Pom Pom Purin in Chinese New Year theme — these will probably be released closer to Chinese New Year 2013.


Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty in Valentine’s Day theme <3 <3 — which will probably be released closer to Valentine’s Day 2013.


Here is a closer look at the first set of Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight collectibles! Hello Kitty cupcake!


Pekkle jell-o


Badtz Maru cookies


Pom Pom Purin pudding


My Melody macaroons?


Little Twin Stars ice cream


Kuromi box of chocolates


Keroppi ice cream snow ice?


Tabo donuts


Cinnamoroll cream cake with icing?


Pochacco crème brûlée


Monkichi fruit tart


Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight are featured on the cover of New Monday magazine!


7-Eleven Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight campaign is featured on a bus (many buses?) running around Hong Kong. How amazing would it be to see one of these in person! @___@


Look at this cute little promo mobile cafe that will be seen around Hong Kong! The money from sales will be donated to Benji’s Centre, an organization to help children with speech therapy! ♥



From December 7-14, there was a cafe exhibit on display at Causeway Bay subway station. How cute is that!? I found more kawaii photos with tons of beautiful product shots here. *___*


How cute are the Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight campaign decals on the window!? Seriously, every thing about this campaign makes me smile because every little detail is so adorable! I know for a fact that if I was in Hong Kong right now, I’d be shopping strictly at 7-Elevens to get my stamps and befriending the employees to make sure they “take care of me,” if you know what I mean! n_~



In-store wall graphics are always really cute too! This really makes going into a convenience store a fun event! ^_^



Here is the stamp collection card which outlines the information for this promotion (click below for larger image):


Here are some items that are for sale at 7-Eleven that will count towards the stamps promotion!


The best way to stay updated about this campaign is to like 7-Eleven Hong Kong on FB and check out the posts regularly… I do not understand Chinese AT ALL! o___O So I use Google Translate to get an idea of what is being said… If I am really confused, I will resort to bugging *Amandabot* (non-Hello Kitty friend) to translate! After all, that is what friends are for! =^_^=

Images via 7-Eleven Hong Kong on FB and 7-Eleven 心愛‧加甜 (special Hello Kitty & Friends Sweet Delight page).

I am truly in love with these beauties… The more I find out about them, the more I want them in my own personal kittilicious collection… I suppose there is always eBay… I already found My Melody and Keroppi

Again, what I would give to be closer to Hong Kong so I can collect these goodies! n__n

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