Hello Kitty Maneki Neko Plush


Happy MLK Day! Hope all my Junkies had a kittitastic weekend! I had a pretty great weekend — and I even added some darlings to my kittilicious collection: red Hello Kitty Maneki Neko plush and Hello Kitty Masquerade charm — Tenorikuma style!

I have been in love with the Hello Kitty maneki neko, lucky cat, plushes since they were first posted on Sanrio.com. When I visited Sanrio JVP over the weekend, I had a chance to pick one up and since red is a very lucky color in Chinese culture, I went with the red cutie. I am not totally superstitious but there is no harm in having some extra luck around you, right? Especially when it is in the form of complete cuteness!






I also could not resist Hello Kitty Masquerade charm — Tenorikuma style! I actually want them *ALL* but I was with HK Guy and he reminded me that I was on a budget! o___O


The thing that happens when Hello Kitty meets any of the kawaii Sanrio characters is… Kawaii magic! @___@ I love Tenorikuma and decided I needed this cutie in my life as well! More details:




Thanks for checking out my latest additions!


See ya next time! n_~

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