Hello Kitty x Blik Wall Decals!

Blik‘s homepage says, “She’s one cool cat and arrives March 21 – your walls can’t wait.”

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

Oh My Kittiness! They can read my mind! @___@

Check out these beautiful images from the Hello Kitty x Blik catalog:

A chalkboard!? And a dry erase board!? n___n

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

The Wall Tiles are ridiculously cute!

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

There are four different allover patterns to choose from — so difficult because they are all supercute! Agree? n_~

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

These supercute decal sets remind me of the giant Hello Kitty stickers from the Hello Kitty, Hello Art Book Release + Art Show at the Known Gallery.

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

I think the Hide & Seek is my fave because you can hide Kitty-chan behind some furniture — she looks too cute peeking out!

Sanrio Hello Kitty x Blick Wall Decals Collaboration

I was reading the Hello Kitty x Blik catalog and found the section about Wall Tiles very interesting,


Pattern Wall Tiles bring bursts of pattern into standard home and office spaces in a whole new way. Self-adhesive, movable, reusable and of course eco-friendly.

Pattern Wall Tiles are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of PVC and phthalates.

Pattern Wall Tiles were developed for surfaces which are not ideal for full coverage of pattern or paint. Create an accent over a bed, behind a chair, on an interior door or kitchen cabinet or frame a small section of a wall.

No mess, no glue, no need to grab a friend. Pattern Wall Tiles are quick, easy and painless to install. In other words, nothing like traditional wallpaper.

The tiles don’t require messy glue and can be repositioned and moved easily. They are completely customizable and can be cut, crafted, and arranged in a number of ways. Rotate them, combine patterns and use on any smooth surface.

Each design comes in a set of two or four tiles that cover 16 square feet of space.

There are several different designs to choose from and each set will run you anywhere from $35 – $55 USD. And guess what!? These kittilicious wall decals are available on March 21st! Btw, March 20th is the beginning of Spring — this is kittitastic for any Junkies getting ready for some Spring cleaning! n_~

Thank you HK Guy for the heads up! n_~

UNIQLO Presents: The Best of Sanrio’s Characters

There are new shirts available from UNIQLO USUT presents the best selections from the annual Sanrio Character Ranking on a new line of printed t-shirts in their latest release. I like that My Melody and Little Twin Stars get love along with my *fave* Hello Kitty! =^_^=

All the t-shirts are 3/4 sleeve t-shirts. The fabric is 100% cotton and the sizes run from XS – XL. Each t-shirt is priced out at $19.90 — not bad… I also super love the model image used for this collection — the model is so edgy with her pink mohawk! And look at that make-up! @____@ All that edge and bad-@$$ attitude juxtaposed with dear sweet My Mel! ^___^


Here are the designs:

















I just realized that my fave designs are not the ones which strictly feature Kitty-chan! Here are my fave three from this release… Looks like I will be out about $60 if I walk into a UNIQLO store! $__$


Deter x Hello Kitty Shirt at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has something new and exclusive — Deter x Hello Kitty Shirt! This woven cotton long sleeve shirt was designed by Deter for Hello Kitty. It’s a button-down collar shirt that features an allover Hello Kitty pattern, patch pocket at the front and a curved hem.

This is a mens shirt but it is in fashion right now for girls/women to wear mens long sleeve button down shirts…

Looks great on this model… (I am still trying to talk my bf into modeling it o___O)…

Here is a detail of the woven label on the neck… Soooo cuuute! ^___^

Deter branded buttons add extra details to this woven top…

Lovely pattern! When I showed my Mom this top — she wanted it! And she asked if she could color it! o___O

Another Deter for Hello Kitty woven label on the inside…

Here I am wearing my Deter x Hello Kitty shirt — I paired it with my black Hello Kitty H&M sweater and Intergalactic Hello Kitty leggings from Forever 21 for Hello Kitty 2011 collection

I folded the sleeve over once so more of the pattern is shown…

And this shirt is long so I wanted to make sure my sweater did not fully cover it up.

Very cute, isn’t it? Deter x Hello Kitty Shirt is exclusively available at Urban Outfitters for $59.

Added to My Kittilicious Collection: tokidoki x Hello Kitty Holiday 2012

One of the most kawaii collabos that Sanrio does is the collaboration between tokidoki and Hello Kitty! That sounds like a completely biased statement considering where I work… However, I have strong supportive evidence:

  1. Hello Kitty x tokidoki x 7-Eleven Hong Kong Collectibles!
  2. tokidoki for Hello Kitty Best Friends Collection
  3. tokidoki x Hello Kitty Figures!!
  4. tokidoki x Hello Kitty Plushies, Oh My!
  5. tokidoki for Hello Kitty on gotochikitty.com
  6. tokidoki Fro Hello Kitty 2009!
  7. Things From Mom… tokidoki x Hello Kitty
  8. tokidoki x Hello Kitty
  9. tokidoki For Hello Kitty

If history repeats itself, that means the latest tokidoki x Hello Kitty collection is über kawaii overload!


tokidoki x Hello Kitty Leopard Hoodie Plush ($28) features Hello Kitty as a leopard with a removable hoodie. This limited edition plush comes in a pink dust bag… Pretty collectible item, right? I have a couple of plushes from previous collections that came in a similar dust bag (different color).

Awww, Leopard Kitty is winking! n_~

The plush material is super soft! And look at her hang tag! It is a die cut tokidoki diamante sporting Hello Kitty’s signature face (mouthless)…

Side view…

Back detail…

Adios’ face is embroidered on Hello Kitty’s bow – a nice tokidoki touch!

Embroidered pink star on Kitty-chan’s ear…

There goes Kitty’s hoodie…

The leopard has whiskers coming out of the hoodie, as opposed to being sewn onto the hoodie — just wanted to point out that little detail. And yes, Kitty does have eyelashes in this form!

Here is the print detail of the leopard’s heart spots… Lovely, aren’t they?

This would not be a collabo without tokidoki’s heart and cross bones logo! The gold thread embroidery is pretty tight. n___n

There’s that cute hang tag, again!

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Donutella Phone Jack ($6) is a must-have item in my book! *Unless you only have an iPhone 5! x_X But the great thing about this is — you can stick it in your music player or other smartphone — not just for iPhones! The earphone jack mascots come in cute packaging — which shows off the adorable allover pattern featuring some of my fave tokidoki characters: Donutella, Carina, Adios and Ciao Ciao, Siberia…

I love Donutella because she is so sweet! Ears made of donuts! Ahhhh!!! n____n

Actually, she is so adorable that I got jacked when I showed my Momma this weekend! o___O I offered it to her after showing her how cute it looks on her phone… And how it’s good to have as decoration as well as keeping the inside clean.

Frosting on top of her head!

Side view…

Back detail…

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Jeweled Leopard Pentokidoki x Hello Kitty Jeweled Donutella Pen and tokidoki x Hello Kitty Jeweled SANDy Pen are the cutest writing utensils featuring the super cute allover pattern and kawaii Hello Kitty head charms dangling from the top! The pens are available for $8 each.

Hello Kitty is so cute as a pink leopard… And as Donutella… And definitely as SANDy!

Looks great individually…

They all look cute as a group too! n_~

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Jeweled Purse with Chain Strap ($60) is my favorite bag from the entire collection! This is the perfect purse for a night out — very fashionable and flashy — I’m pretty sure I will get many compliments carrying this around. It is too cute not to get any attention, right? n___n The purse features a printed allover pattern on top of black PVC leather with gold details throughout! I am not worried about the print fading because I have the tokidoki x Hello Kitty SANDy Mini Bag and the print has stayed on perfectly!

This purse features the gorgeous allover pattern and has really great hardware details! tokidoki’s heart and cross bones logo emblem sits front and center on the purse. It also features the golden Hello Kitty heads that double as clasps! That detail is an oh-so-clever-way to mix form and function! This is the only purse that has this hardware detail — which makes it special in my eyes!

Here is the back detail…

Top view…

Bottom view… The bottom panel is in a different finish than the rest of the PVC leather on the bag — nice subtle contrast to add more interest to the purse.

Side view… Check out the structure…

The inside is lined with a limited edition black and white pattern that goes along with the overall theme of the Holiday 2012 collection — bling/chains/jewels! *___* There is also a small pocket — I will probably use it for my id and credit card. There is also a printed tokidoki for Hello Kitty patch stitched on the inside.

I love this purse because it is versatile — it has the long gold chain so you can wear it on your shoulder when you feel like it…

The gold chain clips into a hoop too…

Which means you can take the gold chain off completely and use the purse as a clutch!

Also — the purse is made pretty well… Here is a close-up of the print quality — colors are registered perfectly on my bag and the stitching looks very intact!

Über kawaii overload, right!?

All products reviewed were donated to my kittilicious collection. They are available online at tokidoki.it, in-store at tokidoki Melrose location and Santa Monica location, online at Sanrio.com, at select Sanrio Boutiques, and in-store at JapanLA!

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Holiday 2012 Is Here!

And it is beautiful! n___n

The allover pattern features a mix of Simone Legno‘s kawaii and edgy characters with darling Hello Kitty! The colors are more funky than some of the previous collections between this collabo. The black definitely gives it that edgy vibe, as well as characters like Adios and Ciao Ciao and Simone’s drawing of the skulls… But it is also quite girly at the same time with Hello Kitty, Donutella, Siberia, Savannah, Paris, Rondine (famous blue bird that appears in a lot of tokidoki artwork) and Carina… as well as other feminine elements like the high heel, nail polish, pearls and chains, charms and jewels laced throughout the pattern. It is darling and pretty and glam and edge and kittilious and basically super cute!

But don’t take my word for it… Peep the beautiful product images from Sanrio.com!

Tote bag…

Tote bag details — back view and profile…

Features a black and white allover print lining on the inside…

Some of the bags come with a detachable golden charm…

Shoulder bag… This is like tokidoki’s Cross Body style of bags — pretty popular. My Mom bought me a pink Coach style like this — but I digress…

The hardware is really beautiful — look at the charms on the zipper pulls! ^___^

tokidoki’s heart and cross bones logo as an emblem is totally luxe!

Large handbag… Another cute shape… With nice details — like the PVC leather straps and buckles on the front…

Detailed view of the large handbag from the back and a profile view…

Handbag… This is a new shape from the previous tokidoki x Hello Kitty collections — so I am looking forward to seeing how the Junkies feel about this one! I think it is adorbs!

The thing that makes this one super cute = the black bow on the sides! Such a girly detail — and I love it!

One of my absolute *fave* things from the Holiday collection is the purse with gold chain! This is the one I would take with me on a hot date or out dancing with my friends! n_~

I love the size because it’s large enough to hold my id, cash, iPhone and lip gloss for when I’m going out! But it is also on the small side as far as bags are concerned. Am I right? And it also has a gold chain!!

OMK! The gold Hello Kitty face snap closures are killing me with kawaii! @___@ Beyond fabulous!

I also love that the opening of the bag is lined with the gold metal — good contrast of materials used and it definitely adds more interest.

Coin purse…

Cosmetic pouch…

Detailed view of the cosmetic pouch opened and in profile… Again, with the cute zipper pulls…

Wristlet with handle… I am kinda loving this one too! Again, it’s the size I love and the fact that I can fit the bare minimum and take it with me when I go out on the town! n_~

Key chain… This one features the oh-so-popular Adios star sporting Kitty-chan’s bow, tokidoki’s super iconic heart and cross bones logo, diamante with Kitty’s bow, the pink leopard and the skull…

Another one of my *faves* is definitely the pink leopard Kitty plush! I believe she is about the same size as the previous plush from collections of the past. I kinda *NEED* her because she would be great company for my tokidoki x Hello Kitty plushes at home! n___n

Love how Kitty-chan can take down her hoodie — you know,  just in case it gets too hot! n_~

More *faves* that I might possibly *NEED* are the phone jacks! I love Hello Kitty as SANDy… and as the pink leopard… and as Donutella, of course!

iPhone 4 case is accompanied by a protective screen decal…

iPad case… Wish I had an iPad for this!

Travel pillow! The awesome thing about this product is that the material is polyester so I *think* the printing of the allover pattern not plastisol! The pattern is more integrated into the fabric — the ink does not sit on top. Not sure if that made any sense — but it is printed differently than how the bags are (and I just felt the need to point that out)…

And guess what? You can get a *FREE* tokidoki x Hello Kitty card case when you order from Sanrio.com!

How to get your free card case:

  1. Add any item(s) to your shopping bag
  2. Enter promotion code TOKIDOKI in the promotion
    code box on the shopping bag page and click “Apply”
    next to the box.
  3. Free tokidoki x Hello Kitty Card Case must appear in
    your shopping bag for the promotion to be valid.
    Continue with checkout and enjoy your free gift!

*Offer Details: Free Hello Kitty tokidoki Card Case with any tokidoki x Hello Kitty purchase valid on Sanrio.com only. One free gift per order. While supplies last and cannot be combined with any other offer. Must enter “TOKIDOKI” on the shopping bag page and click “Apply” next to the promotion code box. Free gift will show up in your shopping bag. If the free gift does not show up in the shopping bag, the promotion code was entered incorrectly. Sanrio reserves the right to discontinue promotions at Sanrio.com at any time. All offers are not retroactive. Due to system limitations, changes to your order regarding promotions cannot be applied if proper procedures on this page are not followed. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Prices on this collection range from $8 – $180 USD. Products are available online at Sanrio.com, they will be sold at select Sanrio Boutiques, as well as tokidoki Melrose location and Santa Monica location and tokidoki.it!

Remember to put these items on your wish list — as they do make purrr-fect Holiday prezzies! =^_^=

Vans x Hello Kitty Summer 2012 Collection

I was thinking that the new Vans x Hello Kitty collabo would launch around Back-to-School time… This is one of those times when I am happy to be wrong. n___n

I have a lot to say about this collection… Let me start by stating that I do like this collection better than last year’s collection! There is more variety in the items that are available… And I am head-over-heels-in-love with one of the designs! <3 <3

My two fave things from this new collection are: Hello Kitty Authentic Lo-Pro in Black/Red and Hello Kitty Slip-On in Azalea Pink/True White!

I freakin’ *LOVE* this pattern on Hello Kitty Authentic Lo-Pro in Black/Red! It’s so bright and colorful… Kitty-chan is sporting a red/white polka dotted bow… there are bears and hearts in the pattern! And you can’t go wrong on black, right!? n_~

A closer look at the pattern!

The soles are pretty plain… I do wish there was some design on the bottom… But I do know that the mold to make a kittitastic design would be costly… which would result in more expensive footwear for the Junkies… But I can always dream, right!? n_~

Hello Kitty Slip-On in Azalea Pink/True White… I prefer the Authentic Lo-Pro style of Vans but the design… It is very hard to resist! I love this colorway — so girlie, huh? And I like the pink piping a lot!! n___n

Close-up detail of my fave design/pattern from the Summer line! @___@ Seriously, if these designs sell well, I hope Sanrio will think about using this design with other products — Loungefly maybe? or Nakajima line of bags/purses/wallets…

You can pre-order now at Sanrio.com or order online at Vans.com… Or if you cannot wait, go to your nearest Sanrio Boutique or Vans location! I see that many Junkies have already scored some of these items! *jelly*!!

*Note: The Hello Kitty Slip-On, Infants is super *adorbs*! I do not have a baby… But I feel like I may need to get one for one of my plushie! o___O

Check out more product shots below (click on image to see them larger):

Hello Kitty x Liberty Art Fabrics Season 3

While browsing around Google images for Hello Kitty things… I ran across Hello Kitty x Liberty Art Fabrics! Yes, I knew about this collaboration for a while now but was not as interested as some of the other Junkies… But now I do fully appreciate this team effort and guess what? There is a third season of adorable fabrics featuring Hello Kitty floral patterns! They are really gorgeous so I had to post here! @___@

My fave pattern from this season is definitely Felicite Hello Kitty! And I like the first colorway the best (but all are super adorbs)…

My second fave pattern from this season is Hello Kitty Kristy… I have a *thing* for florals! n__n

Pretty paisely

Hello Kitty Moby…

Hello Kitty Mim…

Half Moon Hello Kitty…

Below is a mix of fabrics from Season 2 and 3:

Hello Kitty x Liberty Art Fabrics — Season 3 patterns will be available on April 25th!

Hello Kitty Fun Pattern Collection

Saw this new collection on Nakajima USA… And oh boy! Do I likey! n___n

Strictly going off of the product images, I adore: backpack, coin banks and iPhone 4 case. I hope I can get to Sanrio JVP soon to check out this collection! @____@ The pattern is very fun and super cheerful with all these colors!

Here is the Hello Kitty Fun Pattern lineup…

Waaaaa, kawaii, neh!? @__@ *SO* freakin adorable!! n___n

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Best Friends Collection

Guess what is coming into the Junkies‘ lives this Holiday Season!?!?!?!

Be sure to save-the-date for Thursday, November 3, 2011 from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm! If you are in the L.A. area, may I recommend my *fave* Sanrio (115 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Japanese Village Plaza, Little Tokyo).

You will get 10% off on the new + super adorable tokidoki x Hello Kitty Best Friends Collection! And a FREE tokidoki x Hello Kitty ceramic mug with minimum $75.00 Sanrio purchase! @___@ Read the flyer for more details!

And now, for some eye candy! @_____@

3d Hello Kitty x SANDy cactus head necklace — I have to have this!

*L-O-V-E* how kawaii Kitty-chan is in her black SANDy cactus suit! This is definitely another plushie I must have in my collection!

And her tokidoki penguin buddies — 2 CUTE! Must-have also!

Adorable little business card holder…

Bag, long wallet, pouch — seriously love this allover pattern! Makes a Junkie happy! n___n

Laptop case (prolly for 15″)… If my MacBook could fit in this — I would totally get it!

Just so you truly understand how *CUTE* this tokidoki x Hello Kitty allover pattern is, here is a detail:

This hardcase luggage is totally a travel essential! I already have four, yes — four (4), Hello Kitty suitcases (three of them are hardcases) but this one is SO freakin’ adorable! I think I might *NEED* this in my life! What do you think?

*Sigh* — kawaii overload! @___@

Super cute ceramic mug — *remember* it is FREE with a $75 Sanrio purchase on Thursday, November 3, 2011 from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm!

Start saving your $$$$ — November 3rd is right around the corner!

My Hello Kitty Travel Essentials

lI got this suitcase because I needed one. I believe it was after Celina got her Hello Kitty suitcase too (and yes, I was a little jealous)… I also found a über-cute luggage tag. The suitcase is built pretty nice. There was enough room inside for me to pack 10 days worth of summer clothing, hair products, shoes, and other things women like to pack on trips. It has wheels on two sides and three handles, the white hard case is monogrammed all over with Hello Kitty’s face, hearts, flowers and the initials “KT” which is a little strange… shouldn’t it be HK for Hello Kitty? I guess KT is for KitTy? Whatever, I still love it, except for the fact that I got it really dirty already.

Hello Kitty Monogrammed Hard Suitcase

I took my Hello Kitty dressed up in a lion outfit with me when I went to the U.S. Virgin Islands in the summer of 2007.

Hello Kitty = One Great Travel Companion

Hello Kitty is a great companion and she was super-excited to get the window seat!

Hello Kitty Knows The Importance of Safety Belts

And she is so smart — she knows the importance of wearing a safety belt!