Hello Kitty Prezzies from Idea Network LA Buddies

I was interviewed by Idea Network LA last year and the crew was sooo sweet to me! They totally hooked me up properly with some Hello Kitty sweetness — straight from Japan! *___*

As always, the best gifts seem to be the ones that you have no idea is coming to you! I also love when it comes in a Sanrio bag!!! And possibly, it is even more special because it is the 50th Anniversary themed bag!? n__n

I received a couple of pens *sorry so blurry*

Super cute candy bow wash towel

And what could be in this bag!? @___@

Waaa! Kawaii!!! A Hello Kitty plushie!! =n_n=

I also got a new pair of chopsticks and a tenugui, cloth to wrap the chopsticks in…

Domo arigato Idea Network LA!

Kittirific Present From Libertie

Did I ever mention how sweet my Hello Kitty pen pals are!? ^_^ I was pleasantly surprised when I got a nice sized package from my friend Libertie! @_@

Hello Kitty Birthday Surprises From Libertie

This is so awesome! It is a die-cut Hello Kitty hole puncher… Makes cute cutouts as well as confetti! ^_^

Hello Kitty Die Cut Hole Puncher

Adorable Hello Kitty plushie and the tiny figure is from the plastic Easter egg (yes, I ate the candy already)…

Hello Kitty Plushie and Mini Figure From Chocolate Egg

Utensils and travel toothbrush set…

Hello Kitty Utensils

Mini colored pencils, sharpener and notepad…

Small Hello Kitty Stationery Trinket

Mini gumball machine — always a cute thing to receive!

Mini Hello Kitty Gumball Machine

Plastic keychain…

Plastic Hello Kitty Keychain

Shiny confetti inside the card…

Shiny Hello Kitty Confetti Inside Card

Kawaii earrings…

Hello Kitty Earrings

Nail polish and buffer…

Pink Hello Kitty Nail Polish and Buffer

Wow! Thank you Libertie for spoiling me! ^_^

Birthday Surprises From Hélène

I got some more cute surprises in the mail from some of my favorite Hello Kitty buddies! They are really THE BEST! Hélène (one of my Hello Kitty besties) got me this kawaii pop-up card…

Hello Kitty Birthday Card From Helene

Pop-Up Inside Hello Kitty Birthday Card From Helene

Maneki Neko Kitty stationery set — I love the cute box it came in!

Maneki Neko Hello Kitty Stationery Set

Maneki Neko Hello Kitty Stationery Set

Maneki Neko Hello Kitty Stickers

Ooooh-la-la! This is the Happy Meal plushie I wanted from McDonald’s in Taiwan! Look at the sparkle in her eyes! *_* She is gorgeous, right?

McDonald's Taiwan Happy Meal Hello Kitty Plushie Toy

McDonald's Taiwan Happy Meal Hello Kitty Plushie Toy

Now I have a place to put my mail from my pen pals! ^_^

Hello Kitty Stationery/Letters/Postcard Holder?

And I think any true Hello Kitty geek will agree that these Puroland things are awesome! (let me refresh by mentioning that Hélène and Grace saved me a napkin from Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, hehe)…

Hello Kitty Puroland Napkin, Chopsticks and Straw

Hello Kitty Puroland Plastic Spork

And she gave me a party hat from the Bday meal from Puroland (just so she could eat the Kitty bento, hehe! *I think* o_O)

Hello Kitty Puroland Bday Hat

Merci Hélène!

Krissy’s Kawaii Kitty Gifts

Another treat showed up at my house a couple of days ago! In an official Sanrio box!!! Which was strange because I do not usually order online… Did I accidentally order things on my wish list and not know it!? o_O Suspicion arose… To my surprise, Krissy had sent me a kittilicious package! I was seriously in AWE!


She has a very massive kawaii Kitty collection and by looking through her photos, it’s obvious that our kawaii compatibility is VERY HIGH – SUPER! (like 80-95% if I had to guess)… Which makes me wonder, wouldn’t it be cool to chart me and Krissy‘s compatibility based on photos we upload, purchases we make online, things we place into wish lists, etc.? It would be like scrobbling our kittilicious tastes! Anyway, check out my goodies…

Hello Kitty Super Surprise Bday Prezzie From Krissy

I am excited to dress-up Kitty-chan with this card set!

Flower Hello Kitty Dress-Up Card Set

Detail of the Temari ballpoint pen featuring Kitty wearing a red kimono — already taken out of the plastic wrap and being used, of course!

Temari Red Kimono Hello Kitty Ballpoint Pen Detail

Kawaii pink chopsticks and case… Ballpoint pen from the Temari line (the red grip is very comfortable)…

Hello Kitty Pink Chopsticks and Case and Temari Ballpoint Pen

I like how girly this blue tote bag from the Bloom line is…

Blue Hello Kitty Bloom Cotton Tote Bag

Hello Kitty Hello World poster! One of my white walls will finally have something up — they have been naked for long enough…

Hello Kitty Hello World Poster

Imo, someone needs to pay more attention at the press checks…

Hello Kitty Hello World Poster Detail

Pink nail polish from the Bloom line…

Hello Kitty Bloom Nail Polish in Pink

Hello Kitty mascot plush in a bunny suit! This is the exact one I wanted too! You know when a crazy little girl gets that ONE THING she wants for her Birthday? And once she gets it, she must show it to EVERYBODY? That is totally me with this plushie, lol!

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

Love the embroidery detail on the back of the head!

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit Back Detail

I do not usually name all of my Hello Kitty plushies — only a few! But I named her Krissy, hehe… And if Krissy gets mad/offended I will change her name…

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit Slippers

The bunny slippers are over-the-top kawaii! ^_^

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit Slippers Detail

She is so cute, soft and cuddly… Makes me want to get the pink one too!

Hello Kitty Mascot Plush White Bunny Rabbit

I don’t even know how to thank you Krissy-chan! ^_^ I am in LOVE with everything, especially the plushie!

Hello Kitty Stuff From Taiwan Part 2

Thanks to Suzanne and Roxy, I am going to try really hard to post the contents of the bag from my previous post, Hello Kitty Stuff From Taiwan Part 1. First, I have Amandabot‘s lovely ticket stub from her Eva Air flight:

Hello Kitty Ticket Stub From Amandabot\'s Taiwan Trip

She also saves me the things she could from the flight… barf bag, head rest thingy, toothpicks, wet towel… She had ice cream on the flight too I think but I forgive her for not saving that because it would have definitely melted.

Hello Kitty Eva Air Goodies From Amandabot

Amandabot thought it silly to save the head rest thingy for me, but of course I love it! I don’t even know what I am going to do with it… But it is official Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Eva Air Goodies From Amandabot

Hello Kitty barf bag — this is too cute to use for that though!

Hello Kitty Eva Air Disposal Bag From Amandabot

Hello Kitty and her friends are dressed as the Eva Air service crew…

Hello Kitty Eva Air Chopsticks Set From Amandabot

Hello Kitty Eva Air Chopsticks Set From Amandabot

Hello Kitty Eva Air Chopsticks Set From Amandabot

I am not sure if I want to open these… You know, to cute…

Hello Kitty Eva Air Chopsticks Set From Amandabot

Hello Kitty Eva Air Chopsticks Set From Amandabot

Hello Kitty Surprises On My Birthday

I must work with some of the sweetest people ever! Michelle got me these balloons and some cute little things from aahs! on my birthday! I was so happy — I couldn’t stop smiling!

Hello Kitty Balloons From Michelle

She did a very good job getting me Hello Kitty things that I do not have yet… pink chopsticks I will not open because they are too cute, scented erasers in the shape of Kitty’s head, backpack clip… I will probably eat the candy though…

Hello Kitty Stuff From Michelle

Joii got me the super-cute red and black Hello Kitty plush doll… Kitty’s clothing, bow and the apple are a corduroy material… Very soft and cuddly!
Red and Black Hello Kitty Plush From Joii