Hello Kitty Con: Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop

One of the main things that all con-goers look forward to is the shopping! Especially when there are Hello Kitty Con limited edition exclusives!

Check out the menu below (click for larger view):

1034_sanrio_hellokitty_con_friendship_station_pop-up_shop_menu_01 1034_sanrio_hellokitty_con_friendship_station_pop-up_shop_menu_02

The Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop was the official Hello Kitty Con shopping destination offering a HUGE selection of kittilicious goodies! It was located upstairs and the lines were looong! I’ve heard some people were waiting in line hours just to get some shopping done!

Please enjoy the eye candy below… You know I wanted two of each and every single thing in the pop-up shop — but I didn’t have a hundred zillion dollars on me.


How kawaii is this Kitty on her tricycle? I wish I could have taken her home — I woulda made room in my tiny apartment for her! I mean, who needs a dining table and chairs, anyway!? n_~



Here is one of the con limited edition exclusive items — this supercute plush! I love that she is wearing a Hello Kitty visor!


Another exclusive was this vinyl figure! For my collection, she is a MUST-HAVE item.


It’s a bit strange for me to like something where Kitty-chan’s face is covered and I cannot see her eyes, however, this design is so iconic and it was used heavily in the wild postings… And I just really like it! It cost $36 and was limited to one per person. n___n


Now, in my opinion, the ultimate #1 MUST-HAVE is the bobblehead! Why? Because Kitty-chan is so darn cute as a bobblehead! She is all ready to go to a convention with her classic blue overalls and her throwback handbag, coin purse and camera! Is there really anything not to like about this item? The bobblehead was $22 and there was a limit of one per person. @___@


The 40 Favorite Things necklace was another con exclusive — and gorgeous in real life… The retail cost for this was $175. I did the math: 175/40 = $4.38/charm, which is about how much they would probably cost if they were re-ments. This was also limited to one per person.


So pretty!


All of Kitty-chan’s fave things — and there’s 40 items to represent her 40th anniversary!





Supercute bracelet featuring Kitty in her plane…


Dangling earrings…


I loved all the vintage replicas. Here is a printed and embossed coin purse…



Another coin purse featuring Kitty sitting in front of a rainbow. So happy and sweet!


iPhone 5/5S cases — I would have gotten the calculator one if I still had my 5S!


Awesome pins…


That calculator is so adorable! I actually am in love with the artwork/graphics that are featured in the pop-up shop!


This was a ID/badge holder…


Coin purse lanyard…


Tin lunch box and stickers!


So the amazing artwork and graphics were most noticeable on the bobblehead and file folders! (I guess also the necklace). Look how cute this is! @___@ Kitty-chan playing the claw machine for some vintage Kitty products! =^_^=


There she is again! Behind her are all of her fave things! <3



Yet another cute design — is Kitty-chan looking into a store window? Or inside her room? I wish she was peeking inside my room because that would mean all those things are on my shelf!


This is more like a real throwback — wasn’t this a design for one of the store bags?


The artwork I am in love with… I want to be this Kitty — Hello Kitty Con attendee, collector, photographer, shopper, cute friendly girl! *Sigh* =^_^=


Wall of mini bags, keychains, bags, socks, etc…


This graphic does really put a smile on my face. n_n


Hello Kitty Precious Moments porcelain figurine…


Nail Art book…


Puzzle and Chogokin x Hello Kitty robot…


Luggage tag…









Lanyard and pins starter kit


School bus collection of pins


Comes with certificate of authenticity


Packaging is so kawaii and the pins are beautiful!


Revoltech Hello Kitty


Chogokin x Hello Kitty robot — on my wishlist! She is so awesome! She can be transformed into so many different positions — great for photos! =^_^=



I saw this tiny sleeping/blushing Kitty that fit in the palm of my hands on the preview night — when I went back to take her home with me, she was no longer there. T___T



Cute plush headband, no? You can always have Hello Kitty hanging out with you if you wore this… n___n


There was also a Hello Kitty plush hat — I tried it on but I think my head is too large…


So cute tho! She has a HUGE head and small body… Which makes this even MORE kawaii than normal!


Knee socks!



Hello Kitty x Spot (Target dog) plush…


How cute is Spot’s outfit?


The Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop was a pretty large space.


And I was super excited to see a section of tokidoki x Hello Kitty plushes! Just in case you do not know, tokidoki x Hello Kitty is one of my all-time fave collabos ever! I am completely biased since I work at tokidoki, but I’ve been claiming that this is one of my fave collaborations *BEFORE* I started working there. =^_^=


I also love these cuties… Anytime Sanrio designs Hello Kitty + another one of Sanrio friends — I just adore! Especially if Kitty is wearing a costume of one of her buddies!


Kitty + My Melody — btw it’s My Mel’s 40th anniversary in 2015!


Kitty + Keroppi = double kawaii, neh!?


Kitty + Purin!


Kitty + Mimmy = twinsies! <3 <3


More plushes! One of my weaknesses! I had my eyes on more than a one in this section! @___@


More photos of the shopping heaven space…


Japan LA Clothing…


Official con gear…


The merchandising was really organized well and spaced out nicely.



Even as you walked to get in line to pay, there were beautiful displays of products luring you in…


And as if that wasn’t enough, while you stood in line, there was another island with shelving for you to grab some last minute things you may have missed inside the pop-up shop…


And your last chance to grab something you may have forgotten was when you finally made it to the counter — with plushes calling out your name! =^_^=


The pop-up shop was superkawaii… If you made it all the way down here — thank you so much for reading. I mostly wanted to share my kittirific experience with my fellow Junkies who could not make it to Hello Kitty Con.

Wanna see what I added to my kittilicious collection? You must come back for that! Stay tuned for more! n_~

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Hello Kitty Gym Duffle, Wallet + Coin Purse by Loungefly

Loungefly always designs cute stuff! There is usually a wide variety that is offered too… From ultra girly + chic — to athletic + collegiate!

The featured theme in this post is the Gym collection! Included in this set is the duffle bag, long wallet, coin purse and key cap (not pictured below).

The Hello Kitty gym long wallet features athlete Kitty sporting a red, white and blue headband and red chenille bow. The font used for “HELLO KITTY…” is very collegiate and it is printed on gray fleece — perfect for this sporty theme!

This wallet has a one button magnetic closure and features an applique with embroidered details. Isn’t the red and black allover pattern on the inside kawaii?

Close up of the red chenille bow embroidered on the top…

There is a one zipper pocket for loose change or whatever in the back…

And yes! You get the kawaii pattern inside the pocket!

The Hello Kitty Gym Coin Bag is just as adorable! Is it because Kitty-chan is winking? n_~

I like the zig zag stitching of the “HELLO KITTY ATHLETIC DEPT.” woven label/patch… Also the quality is really good — look at the detail!

Loungefly is always superb at making sure the theme stays consistent throughout the items within a design/theme… So repeating the kawaii pattern is an obvious choice here… The coin purses are always one of my fave items from Loungefly — the quality is beautiful and I really like the size… Also, the zipper is awesome! Sometimes, I shove receipts in there and it looks like the zipper will get stuck — but it never does!

Another thing I love about Loungefly is that they have awesome designers in-house that always pay attention to the hang tags! This extra special care always goes a long way for me and a few Junkies I know! ^___^

The Hello Kitty Gym Duffle Bag has sporty striped double carry handles with top zip closure. The front has a big “H” in the same collegiate font that is used for letterman jackets! Way to show school spirit, right? Kitty-chan also shows off her flirt side with a wink. n_~

The red in Hello Kitty’s bow and the “H” is made of a soft chenille fabric — nice contrast to the gray fleece and embroidery…

The back of the bag has a small zipped compartment for all the small things…

Both sides of the bags have a printed HK with red bow. The distressed/worn out look adds to the overall athletic feel…

The pattern!

The duffle bag is a pretty good size. It measures 15″ H x 18″ W x 10″ D — good for hanging out with friends, useful as an overnight bag for a slumber party, great for taking your things to the gym…

Here are some more views…

With the Holidays coming up very soon, this might make a great present for a sporty Junkie you know… Or may-be a great present for yourself! n_~

The Hello Kitty Gym Bags and accessories by Loungefly are available online at Loungefly.com and Sanrio.com… Some Sanrio Boutiques will have them in-store too (call your local one to make sure).

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Holiday 2012 Is Here!

And it is beautiful! n___n

The allover pattern features a mix of Simone Legno‘s kawaii and edgy characters with darling Hello Kitty! The colors are more funky than some of the previous collections between this collabo. The black definitely gives it that edgy vibe, as well as characters like Adios and Ciao Ciao and Simone’s drawing of the skulls… But it is also quite girly at the same time with Hello Kitty, Donutella, Siberia, Savannah, Paris, Rondine (famous blue bird that appears in a lot of tokidoki artwork) and Carina… as well as other feminine elements like the high heel, nail polish, pearls and chains, charms and jewels laced throughout the pattern. It is darling and pretty and glam and edge and kittilious and basically super cute!

But don’t take my word for it… Peep the beautiful product images from Sanrio.com!

Tote bag…

Tote bag details — back view and profile…

Features a black and white allover print lining on the inside…

Some of the bags come with a detachable golden charm…

Shoulder bag… This is like tokidoki’s Cross Body style of bags — pretty popular. My Mom bought me a pink Coach style like this — but I digress…

The hardware is really beautiful — look at the charms on the zipper pulls! ^___^

tokidoki’s heart and cross bones logo as an emblem is totally luxe!

Large handbag… Another cute shape… With nice details — like the PVC leather straps and buckles on the front…

Detailed view of the large handbag from the back and a profile view…

Handbag… This is a new shape from the previous tokidoki x Hello Kitty collections — so I am looking forward to seeing how the Junkies feel about this one! I think it is adorbs!

The thing that makes this one super cute = the black bow on the sides! Such a girly detail — and I love it!

One of my absolute *fave* things from the Holiday collection is the purse with gold chain! This is the one I would take with me on a hot date or out dancing with my friends! n_~

I love the size because it’s large enough to hold my id, cash, iPhone and lip gloss for when I’m going out! But it is also on the small side as far as bags are concerned. Am I right? And it also has a gold chain!!

OMK! The gold Hello Kitty face snap closures are killing me with kawaii! @___@ Beyond fabulous!

I also love that the opening of the bag is lined with the gold metal — good contrast of materials used and it definitely adds more interest.

Coin purse…

Cosmetic pouch…

Detailed view of the cosmetic pouch opened and in profile… Again, with the cute zipper pulls…

Wristlet with handle… I am kinda loving this one too! Again, it’s the size I love and the fact that I can fit the bare minimum and take it with me when I go out on the town! n_~

Key chain… This one features the oh-so-popular Adios star sporting Kitty-chan’s bow, tokidoki’s super iconic heart and cross bones logo, diamante with Kitty’s bow, the pink leopard and the skull…

Another one of my *faves* is definitely the pink leopard Kitty plush! I believe she is about the same size as the previous plush from collections of the past. I kinda *NEED* her because she would be great company for my tokidoki x Hello Kitty plushes at home! n___n

Love how Kitty-chan can take down her hoodie — you know,  just in case it gets too hot! n_~

More *faves* that I might possibly *NEED* are the phone jacks! I love Hello Kitty as SANDy… and as the pink leopard… and as Donutella, of course!

iPhone 4 case is accompanied by a protective screen decal…

iPad case… Wish I had an iPad for this!

Travel pillow! The awesome thing about this product is that the material is polyester so I *think* the printing of the allover pattern not plastisol! The pattern is more integrated into the fabric — the ink does not sit on top. Not sure if that made any sense — but it is printed differently than how the bags are (and I just felt the need to point that out)…

And guess what? You can get a *FREE* tokidoki x Hello Kitty card case when you order from Sanrio.com!

How to get your free card case:

  1. Add any item(s) to your shopping bag
  2. Enter promotion code TOKIDOKI in the promotion
    code box on the shopping bag page and click “Apply”
    next to the box.
  3. Free tokidoki x Hello Kitty Card Case must appear in
    your shopping bag for the promotion to be valid.
    Continue with checkout and enjoy your free gift!

*Offer Details: Free Hello Kitty tokidoki Card Case with any tokidoki x Hello Kitty purchase valid on Sanrio.com only. One free gift per order. While supplies last and cannot be combined with any other offer. Must enter “TOKIDOKI” on the shopping bag page and click “Apply” next to the promotion code box. Free gift will show up in your shopping bag. If the free gift does not show up in the shopping bag, the promotion code was entered incorrectly. Sanrio reserves the right to discontinue promotions at Sanrio.com at any time. All offers are not retroactive. Due to system limitations, changes to your order regarding promotions cannot be applied if proper procedures on this page are not followed. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Prices on this collection range from $8 – $180 USD. Products are available online at Sanrio.com, they will be sold at select Sanrio Boutiques, as well as tokidoki Melrose location and Santa Monica location and tokidoki.it!

Remember to put these items on your wish list — as they do make purrr-fect Holiday prezzies! =^_^=

Kittilicious Swap with Jamy of JaimeHelloKitty

Back in the day, I used to do a lot more swaps with my online friends… I was reminiscing about how fun this was with my dear Jamy (Céline) who runs Jaimehellokitty.com. We decided it might be fun to swap and we set a limit and started shopping for each other… And voilà! I sent her a package and I received mine! And as usual, I was very pleased with everything! ^___^

Lots of kawaii things! @___@

Coin purse…

Plastic puffy stickers…

Colorful Bunny Hello Kitty rice seasoning… This usually comes in a larger pack so I am happy she shared some with me! And I really do love furikake on top of my rice! ^__^

She wrote me a letter — which was the one thing I forgot to send her! D’oh! o___O Isn’t it cute how she decorated the envekope with kawaii deco tape and cute stickers? n___n

More stickers…

Cute towel… I will use this when I go to my zumba classes!

Cute bag — purrr-fect for taking lunch to work!

And I especially love this bag because the material is so easy to clean (not that I am a messy person or anything)…

Cute plastic ziploc-like bag…

Hello Kittified Koala yummies! This is crazy! I did not even know Kitty-chan was ever on the package! I opened the bag for the yummies and guess what!? Most of them were squished… o___O Still yummy tho! n_~

Hello Kitty trinket! I love this one and I don’t have it yet!

Hello Kitty notebook…

And some cute loose stationery sheets! One of the things that I do like about swapping with Hello Kitty friends is that they are super sweet and share things from their own collection… Just like something I would have done when I was in the second grade!

German Hello Kitty magazine with free gift!

Yes, she even gave me the free gift.

Here are some spreads from the magazine…

Very cute, isn’t it? Merci Céline! <3 <3 <3 =^_^=

Hello Kitty Love Bandit Collection By Loungefly

By now, most of the Junkies living in the U.S. should already know about the Love Bandit collection — available online at Loungefly and Sanrio.

The Love Bandit collection… Kitty truly is a *Thief of Hearts* — ask any of the Junkies! This collection comes at the purrr-fect time because *Valentine’s Day* (02/14) is right around the corner! There is a really nice range of products for any true Junkie to enjoy! I am incredibly lucky to be gifted the collection by my fave person at Loungefly! n___n

14 Ways the Love Bandit Stole My Heart:

  1. Concept is SO freakin’ cute! She had my heart as soon as I saw the WANTED poster!
  2. Love Bandit Facebook App ties into this collection so seamlessly
  3. Red, black and white colorway is so strong and graphic! It’s always nice to have some bold Kitty items in your collection
  4. Kitty-chan is thugged out and still looking cute!
  5. The hangtags are über cute (as Loungefly always makes them)
  6. The quality of the products are great! I have a wallet I *always* use and it’s still in kittitastic shape
  7. I love all the attention to detail: usage of different materials like sequins, canvas, fabric, faux leather… Graphic elements like stripes and hearts…
  8. Cute black on red Hello Kitty Love Bandit pattern
  9. Key cap is kawaii
  10. Packaging on the key cap is even more kawaii (if that is possible)…
  11. The tin lunch box is *adorbs*
  12. Vinyl collectible toy!
  13. Vinyl collectible toy packaging!
  14. It’s Hello Kitty — that is actually reason enough that the Love Bandit stole my heart! But as an added bonus, collectors who purchase merch from this collection at a participating Sanrio Boutique will receive a special Hello Kitty Love Bandit poster (while supplies last)!

WARNING: super-looooong post ahead!

Here is the keycap inside the packaging… Can you say *L-O-V-E*?? <3 The packaging is so clever — isn’t it? I love how consistent every piece is in this collection!

Wallet features the attention to detail that Loungefly is so good at — this same detail shows up throughout the collection, specifically the coin bag and tote bag.

The lovely hangtags I mentioned in my list of 14… Is it strange to save these tags — because I save mine all the time! o___O

Inside detail of the wallet featuring that cute black on red pattern!

*Thief of Hearts* is etched into the back of the wallet.

Coin bag — I will retire my other coin bag for this one! ^___^

Again with the cuteness! Let me also point out that I like the quality of the zipper used on this coin bag. The one I am going to retire — I used it so much and it never got caught on anything and it didn’t look/feel cheap.

Back detail…

Printed and embossed tin lunch box is so kawaii!

Here is the inside view of the front… Looks pretty cool, huh?

The design team at Loungefly could have cheated and just used a pattern here — but I really like how the hearts wrap around the bottom of the tin lunch box!

Makes it so cute IMO!

Tote bag — gotta love everything about this!

The bag is made of canvas… But look at all the other texture that are on the tote! Sequins on the black stripes! Red faux leather on the hearts Kitty has stolen! Applique patch! etc. etc.

Side pocket zipper with closer… And look what pattern it is lined with! *___*

Back of the tote…

Black on red pattern — love that the inside of the tote bag is lined with this!! And the Hello Kitty by Loungefly patch — cute, right?

Loungefly even designed underneath the handles!!

Kittitastic stitching job, right?

Knee high socks — cute and stylish!


Collectible Hello Kitty Love Bandit vinyl! This is my *fave* piece from this collection! My *FAVE*!!!!!

I am in love with the packaging because most of the artwork is placed on here without looking too cluttered…

Who knew Kitty-chan had so many A.K.A.’s!? Hello Kitty a.k.a. Kitty White a.k.a. Love Bandit a.k.a. Thief of Hearts… I do like all of her aliases tho! n___n

Love the packaging!!

And the vinyl is cute! Geesh! No wonder this girl is wanted for stealing hearts!! n_~

Profile view (kinda like a mug shot)…

Back view…

Artwork on the bottom of Kitty’s feet…

Yup… Definitely my *fave* item from this collection!

Thank you for letting me share my pictures!

Thank you Trevor + Loungefly!! This Hello Kitty Junkie love you long time! n___n

Hello Kitty Fashion Magazine, July Issue

Kittitastic news for all the Hello Kitty fans in the UK. Hello Kitty Fashion is here!!! Hello Kitty Fashion Magazine is a brand new publication brought to us by the same source who distributes Hello Kitty Magazine. This magazine is mostly aimed at teenage girls + young adults + Junkies (of course)! This is the premiere issue featuring Lady Gaga on the cover! There are 80 pages filled with fashion tips, Hello Kitty news, interviews with super fans (such as myself) and much more!

Earlier this year, I was interviewed for this magazine — so I am extra excited about this issue! I do not have a physical copy of the magazine yet, but I am more than happy to share the images I have. If you want to view any of the images larger, just click on them! n_~

Hello Kitty Fashion is out NOW!!! And it comes with a free Hello Kitty purse. ^___^

Hello Kitty Fashion
Hello Kitty’s got style, originality and attitude and she’s bringing it all to her latest magazine. Hello Kitty Fashion is a quarterly 80 page publication, which will hit newsstands in the UK in July. The magazine, which is aimed predominantly at teenage girls and the older Hello Kitty fan, aims to bring it’s readers a fresh and exciting take on the teenage glossy mag. Hello Kitty Fashion is bursting with cool content, including top tips on how to create different Harajuku styles, an exclusive interview with Yuko Yamaguchi (Head designer at Hello Kitty HQ), loads of fab fashion and beauty tips and tons of cool Hello Kitty related content.

Below are the spreads with interviews from Hello Kitty fans around the world, including Winnie from Singapore, *meee*, Sheena of Hello Kitty Limited, Emily of House of Kitty, Kari from Scotland, and Alessandra from London!

Below is a transcript of my interview. Hope you enjoy!

Maria Fleischman
Los Angeles, United States

When did your Hello Kitty obsession begin?
I remember buying school stationery from Sanrio Surprises inside the local mall. My heart has always been tied to Hello Kitty, anything Japanese and super kawaii. I finally acknowledged that I had a serious Hello Kitty addiction when she was the main thing on my mind and I had nothing to talk about besides Hello Kitty.

What was the first item Hello Kitty item you owned?
I don’t remember the very first item in my Hello Kitty collect. However, I do have a photo of myself with the vintage Hello Kitty wristwatch!

Do you blog about Hello Kitty?
Do I ever! I started hellokittyjunkie.com in 2008. I try to blog about all things Hello Kitty,which is so difficult since there are so many products and so much news about her out there.

Does Hello Kitty influence your sense of style?
I see Hello Kitty as a very classic and cute girl who evolves with the latest fashion trends. I like wearing accessories like Hello Kitty’s bow on my head (yes, on my left side) – this makes me feel like Hello Kitty! There is rarely a time when you will see me out without a Hello Kitty bag or wallet.

Have you got a very rare item in your Hello Kitty collection?
The most rare gift I got was the honour to write the foreword for the book Small Gift: Celebrating 50 Years of Sanrio. That was a once in a lifetime gift, which any collector would enjoy very much.

Do you have a favourite Hello Kitty collaboration?
Right now, I am head over heels in love with Sephora’s Hello Kitty beauty line. I also love all the seasons from tokidoki x Hello Kitty.

How far have you gone to get Hello Kitty merchandise?
I traveled with my friend Amanda to Taiwan during Winter 2009. If you’re deep into collecting Hello Kitty things, you know that Taiwan is home to the Hello Kitty Sweets Café, which has loads of yummy Hello Kitty themed treats. There’s also the Hello Kitty terminal at the airport, so it’s the perfect place for any Hello Kitty fanatic to visit.

Have you ever attended any Hello Kitty events?
I attend a couple of Sanrio store events during the year. My favourite Sanrio Boutique is located in Little Tokyo (Downtown LA). They usually celebrate the Cheery Blossom Festival and Nisei Week… and I don’t dare miss Hello Kitty’s Birthday because it’s always super fun! The BEST events that I have attended were Three Apples, Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary (2009) and Small Gift, Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary (2010). They were both filled with so many surprises, it was a Hello Kitty fan’s dream come true!

Hello Kitty has been around for 35 years, why do you think she has remained so popular?
Hello Kitty has stayed popular because she has this unique quality about her, which makes her adaptable to current trends. It seems very contradicting but it’s the truth! Also, Hello Kitty products are well designed. Good design is forever.

If you live in the UK, this is available to you now — so don’t miss it! n__n

Sanrio’s Early Bird Special!

I am pretty sure you have already checked out Nakajima USA’s November calendar and took special note of the Day After Thanksgiving sale! I just received an e-mail reminder so I thought I would share with my fellow Junkies! And if you think like me, you know that this is just an excuse to take home 25% more than what you would usually buy! n_~

Details from the newsletter:

Who needs worms? Early birds get the best deals! Receive 25% off all the regular priced merchandise you can fit into Hello Kitty’s shopping bag! (excludes sale items, promotional items, gift cards, limited edition and exclusive items). From opening ’till 10:00 am. Please contact your local store for exact opening time. To find your closest store click here.

Just a *few* things from the Hello Kitty Mosaic collection that are on my wish list… n_~

How can I not get one of these pens!? You understand the cuteness value in them, right??? I am mostly feeling the white, purple and pink Kitty headed pens… But I do like the blue one too…

This is not a must-have item for me since I have something very similar… But I am a *sucker* for the cute die cut carrying cases…

Big super soft and cuddly plushie! I believe it is huger than my head! o___O I am supposed to slow down on the plush collection… But how can I help it!?

This sequins coin purse is obviously on my wish list because it is kawaii bling!

I cannot fit into this hooded robe… x___X But just wanna put it out there that if it came in adult size, I would more than likely NEED to own one! n___n

Slippers!!! I wonder if they have them in adult sizes… Hmmm…

I already have a die cut rug like this… So why would I get another one!? You know how it is… Junkies always tend to want multiples of the same thing! o___O Somebody please agree with me so I don’t feel crazy.

I have really wanted this Hello Kitty laundry hamper for a while now… Thinking about having this in my room for months! I am just a little tight on space as it is… Worth it? Should I just get it now and use it later? Decisions… Decisions…

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Holiday Gifts to be 25% off too! I sure hope Kitty’s bag is big so I can stuff a lot of merch in there!!! @___@

Sanrio’s Small Gift Pop-Up Shop Menu

OMK!!! This is the most kawaii and kittilicious menu I have EVER laid my eyes on! @___@ I super love the concept and whoever designed the cover… *AMAZING*!!! You cannot get any cuter than Kitty-chan and her Sanrio buddies in a hamburger!!! *sigh* lol ;D

You can download your own copy on Sanrio’s 50th Event Products page to view the 50 specially selected *MUST-HAVE* Small Gift products. Again, *sigh*

Special Starters include…

Main Dishes…

Happy Hour…




Totally agreed that is is the abso-kitty-lute best menu you have EVER seen, right!? n_~

Now for the hard part… What am I going to order off this menu!? Right off the top, my top five that I NEED and I do not have yet:

  1. Sanrio 50th Anniversary Book $24.95
  2. Small Gift 3″ Vinyl Figure Set $42
  3. Small Gift 90 Piece Mini Figure Set $200
  4. Small Gift Bobbleheads $18/each
  5. Small Gift Postcard Set $12/each

Looks like I will have to pack my lunch for a while… A very long while since everything off the menu looks yummy!!! What are your faves??? n___n

Preview: Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Small Gift Merchandise

Wow-o-wow! I can already tell I will be maxing out my VISA this holiday season! $___$ The product preview for some of the Small Gift merch which will be available during the cross country mobile pop up tour which will begin on October 23, 2010!

All I can say is *wow-o-wow* (again)… And yes, these are all on my *wish list.* @___@

Super kawaii coin purse…

Equally kawaii wallet…

I would happily take this lunch box to work everyday!

Love love love this tote bag! *____*

You know what makes me smile SO MUCH!? I just completely *adore* seeing Kitty-chan with all her Sanrio buddies: Keroppi, Chococat, My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, Cinnamoroll, Landry, Pochacco (who shares a Birthday with me), Badtz-Maru, TuxedoSam, etc. etc. It’s one big cute happy fam! And who knows when Sanrio will put them together again. For sure — these are collectors’ items, right? n___n

Loungefly Summer Sample Sale Recap Part 2

Here are pix of my super awesome Loungefly deals from the Summer Sample Sale! @___@ Every item was at an incredible discount!!! *I calculated the tote bags to be 85% off* from retail price… I am not sure you could get such a good deal unless you were able to attend Sample Sales like this one…

One of my immediate *fave* things I took home with me was this Hello Kitty Waffle Key Cap! Kawaii, neh? I already started using it!

I was lucky to get these other key caps too! You might be wondering why I need so many key caps? I ended up sharing with my Mom and my sister *Banana*… If you are looking for them, the black packaged key caps might still be available at Claire’s… And the super adorable Hello Kitty Nerd Key Cap is currently available at Hot Topic…

Loungefly x Hello Kitty Nerd Coin Bag! -@-@-

The only thing wrong with this was the material on her glasses was peeling… And the canvas was a little dirty… But you know I still *adore* Kitty-chan lookin’ all nerdy with her glasses! n___n

I already have a Pink Shade Coin Bag… But I could not resist getting one in Purple!

I did not notice anything different until I went home and compared it to my other coin bag… I realized there is black embroidery missing between the lenses and the frame…

My pink one has it…

And the zipper is more finished on my pink coin bag…

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Angry Kitty with Crossbones iPhone Case… The dark gray/black/white colorway case went into production and I now own a black/white sample! n___n

My Hello Kitty x Loungefly Black and Pink Hinge Wallet… Purrr-fect condition… Might be too shiny for me to use…

Inside detail…

I just had to take home some Loungefly non Hello Kitty stuff too… So kawaii, I wanted to share! @___@ Isn’t this French Fries Coin Bag super cute!?

The pattern makes me happy…

Almost as happy as the single french fry zipper detail! n___n

Taco Pouch…

Back detail…

Loungefly x Hostess Twinkies Coin Bag… Looks like a real Twinkie! (is Twinkie the singular form for Twinkies? Or is it still Twinkies for the singular form?) Yummy! ;P

Love the details on the bottom…

I know this is a coin bag, but I would most likely use it as a pouch… To carry pens, lip gloss, usb flash drive… Things I might take to work… Really love the hearts and shiny material on the inside…

Now, for the totes! When Jordan and I first started looking through the sample sale items, we did not see any of the tote bags. It was not until we had ordered breakfast from the Buttermilk Truck that Loungefly decided to put out tote bags… Good thing we stuck around, huh!? n_~

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Love Letter Tote Bag… Not sure if this was a final production bag since I have seen this in person and some of the materials felt diffent, i.e. the red appliques was a felt-like material on here…

And the printing was a little off…

Loungefly x Hello Kitty Earth Tote Bag… So kawaii that my Mom even liked it… She is currently using it as her main bag.

Back detail…

My Mom still has the tag on because it is too cuuute! n___n

Inside pattern detail…

Loungefly x Hello Kitty Nerd Tote Bag vs Loungefly x Hello Kitty Nerd Face Tote Bag… I believe everybody *L-O-V-E-S* these… Especially the face! *___* Even my non Hello Kitty friends thought it was cute… They even said things like, “I wish I would have given you money so you could get me something.” But you know what!? I think a lot of people would have HATED me if they saw me with ALL the Nerd tote bags! o___O

Both are some of my *faves* from the event… Both canvas bags are practical for everyday use… And they are super kawaii, no?

Back detail… Notice the sublte difference in paper line spacing…

There is also a difference in the dark denim trim, stitching and straps. There is also the red flannel piping? on the face tote bag…

And the inside materials are different too… Which do you like better?

The only thing I noticed about the face tote bag was that the inside printing of the pattern got kind of messed up… But that is not an issue when you get 85% off of a new item…

This was a long post… I still have more to share so keep an eye for for Part 3! And if you missed the event, don’t worry. Loungefly had a sample sale in winter 2009 — we can always keep our fingers crossed that there will be another sample sale this winter! n_~