Loungefly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions!

Can you believe the Holidays are right around the corner!? With the Holidays coming soon — that means great promos too! One of my *fave* companies that works with Hello Kitty is having a HUGE SALE!


BLACK FRIDAY: Begins ON THANSKGIVING and goes all the way through Sunday. Loungefly is offering 30% OFF EVERYTHING and FREE standard shipping! Promo Code: TURKEY30

*While supplies last
*Must enter promo code at checkout

What about Cyber Monday?

CYBER MONDAY: Begins Monday at 12:01 am (PST) and ends Monday at 11:59 pm (pst). Loungefly is offering 60% off SELECT tech accessories. Only items on page “CYBER MONDAY” will receive the discount. Promo code: CYBER

*While supplies last
*Must enter promo code at checkout

Those are some super discounted items! You can buy presents for your loved ones — and maybe a couple of things for yourself too! And the timing is perfect because Loungefly has released TONS of cuteness for this Holiday season!

Just a couple of styles that caught my eyes… @___@

Hello Kitty Embossed Patent Tote Bags in new colors!

Hello Kitty Red with Black Polka Dots Big Bow Collection

Hello Kitty Black and Pink Face Collection

Hello Kitty Denim Vintage Collection

Hello Kitty Nerd with Round Glasses Crossbody Bag… I am super *in-love* with this preppy style. I like the different materials used and Kitty-chan looks so cute! And it’s a crossbody — really popular style of bag and I am very happy that Loungefly has made this into production!

Hello Kitty Gray Quilted Bow Collection

Hello Kitty Burger and Fries Collection

Hello Kitty Vintage Apples Collection

Hello Kitty Leopard Hug Me Collection

Hello Kitty Big Bow and Hearts Collection

Hello Kitty Leopard with Glasses Collection

Hello Kitty Embossed Polka Dot Glitter Collection

Beanies, Scarves and Gloves to keep you cozy during the winter

Loungefly has it all — from beanies and scarves to coin purses, wallets, tote bags, clutches, tin lunch boxes, luggages, passport cases… Key caps, jewelry, iPhone cases, iPad sleeves, laptop cases… So many different items and in a wide variety of design! You are sure to find something for you and your loved ones — and with a super discount! n_~

Happy shopping Junkies!

Hello Kitty POP Phone From Native Union 20% Discount Promo

Well, it is quite obvious that so many Junkies LOVE the new Hello Kitty POP Phone from Native Union so I wanted to share a 20% discount code that the good people at Native Union provided me with!

The 20% off coupon code for Hello Kitty POP is NUKTY2012 and it is valid till August 31, 2012!

Also, be sure to check out Native Union on FB because they are currently running a contest! All you have to do to enter is to like the Native Union FB page and upload a photo of you with your Hello Kitty collection to the event page!

Send us photo proof that your the biggest Hello Kitty fan and WIN a set of Collectors Edition Hello Kitty POPs – posted out to you where ever you are!!

Good luck Junkies! ^___^

Hello Kitty Daily Deals at Mighty Fine This Week

If you love Mighty Fine, you are going to love the kittitastic-ness that is about to happen this week! They now have a Daily Deal function on the site, where each day they do a flash sale for a specific tee (usually for 25% off). They typically do all the same license for one week, and FYI this week it will be Hello Kitty!

The first one, 25% off through noon PST tomorrow, is the HK Top Hat (comes in neon sky blue and white):

Uh-oh! There is less than 14 more hours to get this steampunk themed Kitty tee at the special discounted price — *hurry hurry* and I wonder what else will be available…

The best way to find out is to follow Mighty Fine on twiiter and like them on FB!

Sanrio’s Early Bird Special!

I am pretty sure you have already checked out Nakajima USA’s November calendar and took special note of the Day After Thanksgiving sale! I just received an e-mail reminder so I thought I would share with my fellow Junkies! And if you think like me, you know that this is just an excuse to take home 25% more than what you would usually buy! n_~

Details from the newsletter:

Who needs worms? Early birds get the best deals! Receive 25% off all the regular priced merchandise you can fit into Hello Kitty’s shopping bag! (excludes sale items, promotional items, gift cards, limited edition and exclusive items). From opening ’till 10:00 am. Please contact your local store for exact opening time. To find your closest store click here.

Just a *few* things from the Hello Kitty Mosaic collection that are on my wish list… n_~

How can I not get one of these pens!? You understand the cuteness value in them, right??? I am mostly feeling the white, purple and pink Kitty headed pens… But I do like the blue one too…

This is not a must-have item for me since I have something very similar… But I am a *sucker* for the cute die cut carrying cases…

Big super soft and cuddly plushie! I believe it is huger than my head! o___O I am supposed to slow down on the plush collection… But how can I help it!?

This sequins coin purse is obviously on my wish list because it is kawaii bling!

I cannot fit into this hooded robe… x___X But just wanna put it out there that if it came in adult size, I would more than likely NEED to own one! n___n

Slippers!!! I wonder if they have them in adult sizes… Hmmm…

I already have a die cut rug like this… So why would I get another one!? You know how it is… Junkies always tend to want multiples of the same thing! o___O Somebody please agree with me so I don’t feel crazy.

I have really wanted this Hello Kitty laundry hamper for a while now… Thinking about having this in my room for months! I am just a little tight on space as it is… Worth it? Should I just get it now and use it later? Decisions… Decisions…

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Holiday Gifts to be 25% off too! I sure hope Kitty’s bag is big so I can stuff a lot of merch in there!!! @___@

Hello Kitty is Super Cute Kawaii

A few weeks ago, I was approached to write a guest blog post for über mignon (cute in French) Super Cute Kawaii… I said “oui oui!” and the result is Super Cute Kawaii!! » Blog Archive » Guest Picks: Hello Kitty Junkie — so please make sure to check it out!

So much kawaii-ness going on over there! @____@ Quite a few very cute Hello Kitty items are available for purchase and my peeps over at Super Cute Kawaii are hooking us Hello Kitty Junkies with an *exclusive* discount!!!

The discount code is HKJUNKIES which gives you *10% off your entire order* and can be used as many times as you like until March 10th. Isn’t that super sweet!? Hmmm… I am considering Hello Kitty iron-on appliques… And you know how I feel about Hello Kitty phone charms! *___*

There is also a contest going on right now – Sparklecandy Hello Kitty Competition! (click that link for full contest rules)…

In what American city is Tarina Tarantino’s Sparkle Factory based?

Le competition is open to tout le monde! You can be entering le contest if you are anywhere dans le world. You have until Sunday 28th February at 12 noon GMT to be entering. Allez!

Emailez your answer to lebun AT supercutekawaii.com with ze subject HELLO KITTY CONTEST. Answers in ze comments will not be entered into ze contest.

Please to be looking at le Sparklecandy website where you can find le answer if you do not know…

Oh shoot! o_O It’s almost the deadline and I have not entered yet! I am going to wrap this up so I can go browse Super Cute Kawaii (seriously, too many kawaii stuff), maybe do some shopping and enter for my chance to win the Hello Kitty x Tarina Tarantino Cameo Pendant… Wouldn’t that be a nice treat for my *Birthday*!? (uh huh, the big day is coming up)… n_~

Merci Marceline! n_n

Loungefly Sample Sale

Loungefly is having its very first Sample Sale on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 from 10am-5pm! Location: Loungefly Warehouse 9423 Oso Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311. You know if I was not in Taiwan, I would definitely be there!!! Get your breakfast on with Buttermilk and then get your shopping on with Loungefly! Is there even a better way to spend your Tuesday!? @_@ Wow! I just looked at all the Hello Kitty x Loungefly merch — I am getting very *jelly* of all the lucky peeps who will be able to make it out to this sample sale! *Crossing my fingers that all the Hello Kitty merch will be there.* @_@

Loungefly Sample Sale Flyer

Just a reminder — Ca$h Only (so bring plenty because Loungefly = kawaii)! n_n

For those of us who cannot make it to the sample sale , Loungefly is having a deal right now: enter promo code LFHOLIDAY for 20% off AND Free Shipping! So I guess we can all have the opportunity to get our Hello Kitty x Loungefly fix! @_@

Loungefly Promo

If you need more info, become a fan of Loungefly on Facebook and follow @Loungefly_ on Twitter! n_~

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Plushies, Oh My!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have read when tokidoki actually ran a sale on the tokidoki for Hello Kitty collection on their site during the end of July. So these are the pieces I decided to add to my collection… Not one…

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Mozzarella

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Mozzarella

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Mozzarella

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Mozzarella

Not two…

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Donutella

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Donutella

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Donutella

But all three of the tokidoki for Hello Kitty plushies!!! @_@

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Sandy

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushion: Sandy

Crazy cute, right?

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushions: Mozzarella, Sandy and Donutella

Hello Kitty as Donutella, Mozzarella and Sandy are just too irresistibly kawaii!

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushions: Mozzarella, Sandy and Donutella

tokidoki for Hello Kitty Decorative Diecut Cushions: Mozzarella, Sandy and Donutella

Do I really need all three!? What can I say? They were 50% off… I thought it was a good deal at the time (still do) so I talked myself into getting all three plushes. If you know me, you know it is not too difficult to talk me into getting anything Hello Kitty! n_~