Hello Kitty Pet Products at PetSmart!

In honor of Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, PetSmart has launched a new line of Hello Kitty pet products! The line of products includes kawaii apparel, accessories and toys. Now your pets can be just as kittified as you. =^_^=



Here is a Hello Kitty teether dog toy. There is also a squeaker inside for added fun. I know this is a “pet” toy but I think babies would have fun with this too… Am I wrong for thinking this way? The plush seems well made — I have not tested it out by chewing on it but I plan on giving this to my Banana’s doggie Shadow (a huge German Shepherd)… I wonder if he will destroy it. X_x


Here is another god toy — Kitty-chan has a big head and skinny body. The head has a squeaker inside! ^_^


Here is another Hello Kitty dog toy — this one is just her head. I feel like this one’s squeaker sounds a bit louder.


Here is a Hello Kitty flattie dog toy.


It has crinkle paper inside so it makes that noise!



Hair bows for dogs… Again something that could be cute in your baby girl’s hair! ^_^




This is the cutest dog hat ever! It comes in one size so it might be a bit large or snug on your pet.


Here is the back view — there are two holes for the ears…


How cute are these dog clothing!? This will definitely kittify your pet!


This striped ensemble comes with a hood and faux pockets with Kitty sitting inside one of them. Kawaii, neh? There is also the ruffle detail and Kitty’s red bow appliquéd on there.



This is a cute black top with Hello Kitty face printed in metallic rainbow foil and also features a pink ribbed neck binding to give it that extra kittilicious-ness.



Something for the super princess dog… Your pet will look pretty in pink in this number. This is definitely a party outfit! It has Hello Kitty’s face screenprinted and there are sparkles on the tulle and Kitty’s 3d bow is made of a hot pink satin-like material. So cute! *___*



How cute is this woven label?


Here’s a closer look at the apparel size chart…


The Hello Kitty line of pet products is currently available at PetSmart. The prices are competitive and range from $2.97 – $19.99. Check your local PetSmart or shop online to kittify your pet! <3

Sanrio’s Early Bird Special!

I am pretty sure you have already checked out Nakajima USA’s November calendar and took special note of the Day After Thanksgiving sale! I just received an e-mail reminder so I thought I would share with my fellow Junkies! And if you think like me, you know that this is just an excuse to take home 25% more than what you would usually buy! n_~

Details from the newsletter:

Who needs worms? Early birds get the best deals! Receive 25% off all the regular priced merchandise you can fit into Hello Kitty’s shopping bag! (excludes sale items, promotional items, gift cards, limited edition and exclusive items). From opening ’till 10:00 am. Please contact your local store for exact opening time. To find your closest store click here.

Just a *few* things from the Hello Kitty Mosaic collection that are on my wish list… n_~

How can I not get one of these pens!? You understand the cuteness value in them, right??? I am mostly feeling the white, purple and pink Kitty headed pens… But I do like the blue one too…

This is not a must-have item for me since I have something very similar… But I am a *sucker* for the cute die cut carrying cases…

Big super soft and cuddly plushie! I believe it is huger than my head! o___O I am supposed to slow down on the plush collection… But how can I help it!?

This sequins coin purse is obviously on my wish list because it is kawaii bling!

I cannot fit into this hooded robe… x___X But just wanna put it out there that if it came in adult size, I would more than likely NEED to own one! n___n

Slippers!!! I wonder if they have them in adult sizes… Hmmm…

I already have a die cut rug like this… So why would I get another one!? You know how it is… Junkies always tend to want multiples of the same thing! o___O Somebody please agree with me so I don’t feel crazy.

I have really wanted this Hello Kitty laundry hamper for a while now… Thinking about having this in my room for months! I am just a little tight on space as it is… Worth it? Should I just get it now and use it later? Decisions… Decisions…

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Holiday Gifts to be 25% off too! I sure hope Kitty’s bag is big so I can stuff a lot of merch in there!!! @___@