Rock ‘n Roll All Nite: KISS x Hello Kitty Rock Out in a Fun New Collabo

Looks like we will be able to get our hands on some KISS x Hello Kitty merch very soon NOW! Yayayayayayay! As some Junkies already know, there have been a few things released before the official Fall launch (a couple of T’s at Hot Topic and some accessories from Claire’s)…

But looks like there is more to come with something-for-everyone selection of bags, jewelry, stationery, plush and of course, more must-have rocker Hello Kitty x KISS t-shirt!!! What tops my wish list? Well, I do have my hands on some small sized plush… My next loves from this collection are the POP vinyl figures! For me — a definite MUST-HAVE! ^___^

Kawaii apparel from Mighty Fine… And the two teaser T’s from Hot Topic…

Some KISS x Hello Kitty things from Claire’s

Here is the official press release:

Introducing KISS x Hello Kitty Two Unlikely Partners Rock Out in a Fun New Collaboration

“The hottest band in the world” meets the queen of supercute when iconic rock band KISS headlines with Sanrio Inc. and global icon Hello Kitty for an unexpectedly cute collaboration.  The Hello Kitty x KISS collection offers a mix of co-branded products that will appeal to fans of all ages, and will make its premiere in retail outlets nationwide in October, 2012.

“KISS and Hello Kitty Rocks. Over the past 40 years we have watched proudly as The KISS Army has crossed and come to include all generations and demographics. This co-branding is trailblazing and we have all been very excited about the collaboration of our 2 iconic brands from the beginning,” said Paul Stanley lead singer and co-founder of KISS.

“The collaboration between two very different iconic brands offers something unique an unexpected for fans of KISS and Hello Kitty”, says Janet Hsu, COO of Sanrio, Inc. “This is a collection of two unique and timeless icons that appeals to fans of all ages.

The ‘70s-era ‘classic’ KISS retro collection is ablaze with unexpected fun, including Hello Kitty taking on the classic KISS profiles. The younger set will love the supercute styling of the t-shirts and accessories, while adults will find the nostalgia pulling on their inner guitar strings. Two rock star Hello Kitty x KISS  t-shirt designs have been in Hot Topic stores and online since April as a teaser for the Fall collection launch which will include a something-for-everyone selection of bags, jewelry,  stationery, plush and of course, more must-have rocker Hello Kitty x KISS t-shirts.

Two overarching themes will include “Rock ‘N’ Roll / Rock Mood,” and “1976 destroyer / Street Mood.”  Each collection will be available at specialty retailers, including Hot Topic, and Claire’s, and select Sanrio boutique stores.

The fun and quirky collaboration synchs with both KISS and Sanrio’s other buzz-worthy brand pairings, taking partnerships to the next level with a brand mash-up that will have crossover collector appeal.

Thank you Cinthya. n_n

KISS x Hello Kitty Teaser Tees Hit

Just in case you have not seen the first couple of merch from the much anticipated Hello Kitty x KISS collabo, there are two tees that are now available online! These tees are teasers — the collabo will be in stores later this year… Fall, perhaps? n___n Thank kittyness for teasers — I dunno how some of us Junkies would survive! o___O

Hello Kitty Kiss Army Girls T-Shirt

Hello Kitty Kiss Girls Crop Tank Top — LOVE this one! The graphic is so iconic!! I hope there will be stickers of these faces. n___n

Here are some lifestyle images take from the launch of the KISS Golf Course in Las Vegas… Kawaii, neh? n_~

The über-adorable Julie Doll rockin’ it out!

My recommendation to the Junkies: You need two tees of the same graphic (four tees total for both designs) — one to wear as a regular tee and another to DIY fringe like the models have done!

Loungefly Summer Sample Sale Loot

I was very lucky to have been able to attend the Loungefly’s Summer Sample Sale. I think I made out pretty well… But I will let my fellow Junkies be the judge! =^_^=

Here is most of my Loungefly loot (I gave a wallet and some bows to a friend before I was able to photograph):

Hello Kitty candy themed coin purse… Obviously super kawaii, right!?

Kitty-chan doesn’t have a mouth but she <3 candy! n_~

Red and white polka dots pattern on the inside…

And I *love* the die cut Hello Kitty tag — with fuzzy white flocked printing on her face! *___*

I super like this British flag design because I actually have a tote bag that matches this design… Might even be my very first Loungefly tote!

The back has a real pocket with the text “Hello Kitty” embroidered on it… Kawaii, neh?

Kitty City Pencil Case — I like this design SO much that I picked up two of these cases. If I saw more merch with this design, I would have picked them up too! @___@

Back detail:

Hello Kitty Monster Tote… Pretty darn kawaii. n___n

Another tag that I *love*! Doesn’t Loungefly make the most cutest and kawaii-est tags??? FACT!

Here is the back…

I like the mixture of textures on this tote bag. There is printing on the canvas, appliques of different materials, and embroidery going on…

Back detail features Kitty’s friend Joey in a yellow monster outfit!!

Hello Kitty makes it into the green hills in the background…

The inside is lined with a white and baby blue stripped pattern and snap buttons for secure closure…

Oh! Did you know Loungefly makes tee-shirts!? You know I had to pick up a few…

I couldn’t resist Kitty-chan as a cupcake. n___n

I wonder what my Junkies think!? Did I make out well?

Make sure you read Belle’s blog: My First Loungefly Sample Sale (August 13, 2011) and check out Lynda’s Loungefly Haul!!! I think they might have too many things! n_~ Keep posting photos of what you scored — I know all the Junkies would *L-O-V-E* to see how you did! n___n

Loungefly Summer Sample Sale Recap

Oh boy! I could not believe how many peeps were at Loungefly’s Summer Sample Sale! I knew there would be a ton of people since it was held on a Saturday… But I was NOT expecting what was in line for me! @___@ As soon as I got there, I thought about leaving — THAT is how LOOOONG the line was! o___O

Here are a couple of photos for proof — I don’t want you to think I am exaggerating…

But I did not leave — what Hello Kitty Junkie in her right mind would leave!? n_~ Instead, I ordered french toast from the food truck and tried to assess how long I would be waiting. While in line, I met a fellow Junkie — *Alicen*! Thank goodness because Belle, Jordan and Rosie had already went in and shopped. *Alicen* and I waited for our food… For a very long time. I still thought, “We are not going to make it inside that sale” but we waited as patiently as we could.

I felt a bit hopeless so I decided to see what other shoppers were able to score! I saw some lucky shoppers come out with boxes of what looked like super kawaii Hello Kitty merch!! I was curious to see what I might find in the sale… One shopper was able to find Hello Kitty Best Friends Necklaces

Kawaii coin purse…

Black and pink faux patent leather wallet…

I spotted Dorothy when she came out of the sale tent and I *HAD* to know what she scored! The Kitty City Tote is pretty adorable — if you ask me! n___n

She scored another tote bag…

And a Hello Kitty backpack…

After a couple of hours of waiting, *Alicen* and I *FINALLY* made it inside the Loungefly Summer Sample Sale tent… And it was *CRAZY*! O____O

So much merch *everywhere* and sooo many people!!! @___@

Lots of Hello Kitty coin purses…

Kitty City Pencil Cases — I *love* this collection so you know I had to pick up a couple of these! n_~

Hello Kitty diary sighting…

Cute Hello Kitty t-shirt sighting…

Yay for new friends! *Alicen* put up with my whining and complaining for a couple of hours while we waited in line!! Yes, she is a very brave soul! Thank you. n___n

But wanna know what THE BEST part of my day was!? The BEST PART of my day was meeting my new kittitastic friend *Jessica*! She came up to my car and told me she loves my blog! <3 <3 <3 Isn’t she the sweetest!?!?!? n___n

Want to see my Loungefly Loot!? n___n

What’s Your Hello Kitty Key Cap Style?

I am still heartbroken… :'( Lately, my time has been spent on CNN and LA Times… And following the Japan Crisis on Twitter and YouTube and Mashable and Google

But everyone needs a cute break, right? I didn’t have time to do another Contents of My Purse… Kittified of Course — but I do have some kawaii key caps that I wanted to share! I got these to cover my house keys from the Loungefly Summer Sample Sale last year… They are a little dirty but still kawaii, neh!? n_~

I also have a spare key — and if you are a Junkie, you understand why the spare key must also be covered in Kitty-chan!

I wish I had at least a dozen keys because Sanrio keeps giving us the *cutest* key caps! @___@ Here are some of my faves that I have seen from

Cuteness from

Hello Kitty x Loungefly key caps never disappoint…

And the Colorful Bunny Kitties on Strapya-World


I wonder… What do the other Junkies have on their keys? And do they switch the key covers up for different occasions… My Kitty mind wants to know… n___n

Hello Kitty Oops at Hot Topic

While updating my little wish list on the side of this blog, I found out that Hot Topic has some new Hello Kitty goodies! Yipee! The Hello Kitty Oops collection stood out the most (there was a selection of different products)… However, I did find some other adorable tees! n_n

Hello Kitty Oops Bubble Tee

Hello Kitty Oops Bubble Tee at Hot Topic

Hello Kitty Oops Pins

Hello Kitty Oops Pins

Hello Kitty Oops Pencil Case

Hello Kitty Oops Pencil Case at Hot Topic

Hello Kitty Oops Bandana

Hello Kitty Oops Bandana at Hot Topic

Hello Kitty Oops Three-Ring Binder

Hello Kitty Oops Three-Ring Binder at Hot Topic

Hello Kitty You Say Goodbye V-Neck Tee

Hello Kitty You Say Goodbye V-Neck Tee at Hot Topic

Hello Kitty Nerd Tee

Hello Kitty Nerd Tee at Hot Topic

Ahhhh! ^_^ Love the designs and love the shirts! I really want a shirt… I just gotta decide which one I cannot live without… o_O Too difficult! I should just get them all (there goes my hard earned cash)! $_$ What’s a Junkie like me to do!?

Hello Kitty x Mad Barbarians

I got a message from Christian the other day a week ago (and you must click on the link, if only to view his A-MAZ-ING photos!),

The Mad Barbarians + Hello Kitty Collection has arrived!! This highly anticipated collection is now available exclusively at Hot Topic… This collaboration has been a huge success in Japan and once you see the collection you’ll know why! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Okay, so I am a little tardy on letting y’all know… But now you know! ^_^

My three favorite things from this collection (and if I walk into a Hot Topic, I will probably grab these):

Hello Kitty Mad Barbarians Bandana Sticker

Hello Kitty Mad Barbarians Bandana Sticker

Hello Kitty Mad Barbarians Bone Bandana

Hello Kitty Mad Barbarians Bone Bandana

Hello Kitty Mad Barbarians Skull Bandana Tee

Hello Kitty Mad Barbarians Skull Bandana Tee

The collection is already in stores and I belive some on the Junkies (specifically Eve and Sammy) have already scored merchandise from this series. ^_^

Hot Topic and Sidecca… So Kittilicious!

Why, oh why are there too many cute things at these stores!? LL.Kitty wrote a cute blog post titled japanLA will be the death of me… And I was thinking exactly the same thing, except more like Hello Kitty will be the death of us ALL who adore this kawaii Kitty-chan! Not literally, of course! Nobody can ever die of cute overload. o_O

There is no Sanrio shop inside the Burbank Town Center… But that does not mean there are no Hello Kitty things to be found! In fact, there were quite a few things inside the Hot Topic and Sidecca!

Hello Kitty Clothing at Hot Topic

Kuromi is getting pretty popular and Hot Topic carries a lot of new Kuromi gear!

Kuromi Hoodie at Hot Topic

Kuromi T-Shirt at Hot Topic

Sidecca is such a fun and trendy store! Sometime, I feel too old to shop in there… But they might be my favorite carriers of Hello Kitty x Loungefly products (very very close tie between Sidecca and Happy Six). And I cannot forget about the variety of Hello Kitty clothing they always have in stock.

Hello Kitty Hoodies at Sidecca

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Coin Purse at Sidecca

I always notice the small little special details that Loungefly designs into the merch, like the interior of this coin purse — so cute!

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Coin Purse Inside Detail

Another Hello Kitty x Loungefly Coin Purse at Sidecca

I really like this Mt.Fuji wallet (maybe even love), from the cool tag that is attached… To the colors chosen for this wallet and the appliques and stitching…

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Mt. Fuji Wallet

To the awesomeness of the print on the inside… I just might have to have this!

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Mt. Fuji Wallet, Inside Detail

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Rain Cloud Wallet

Joy spotted this brown apple wallet for sale near the back of the store…

Brown Hello Kitty x Loungefly Wallet on Sale

From $29 to $19 USD… Not too bad… But I am still unsure about the colors…

Brown Hello Kitty x Loungefly Wallet on Sale

I love the inside — the dark denim and cyan color combo is great! I am not a big fan of brown so that’s probably why I am not in love with the outside design.

Brown Hello Kitty x Loungefly Wallet, Inside Detail

Sidecca and Hot Topic always have the cute Hello Kitty shirts. I seem to be drawn more to the DOE designs (which I cannot find an official site for). o_O

Hello Kitty T-Shirts at Sidecca

Hello Kitty Rainbow Tin Lunch Box

I have enough tote bags, but if I could have just one more, it must be the Mt.Fuji one!

Hello Kitty x Loungefly Tote Bags

Not sure why I was surprised to find some tokidoki x Hello Kitty pouches at Sidecca. I mean, they do carry Hello Kitty and tokidoki clothing, so it seems only natural that the collaboration between the two would be available as well. But this was my first time to see it inside the store… Either that, or I have been missing it all this time, which is pretty unlikely…

tokidoki x Hello Kitty Pouches at Sidecca

Hello Kitty Shoe Laces

Not really sure if anyone pays attention to my “kitty wish list” but Banana picked up some Hello Kitty shoe laces  for me… Isn’t that sweet? She got these from Hot Topic. I don’t have any sneakers to lace them in yet… But Amul showed me Zazzle, where I can create my own pair of customized Keds. HKJ Keds — how sweet would that be!? Definitely on my to-do list!

I’m happy that I finally have something with the Hello Kitty cupcake theme…

Hello Kitty All Over Pattern Shirt

Oh! Sometimes I can be such an idiot! Banana bought me a Hello Kitty shirt for my Birthday a couple of years ago… And I now know how I’m supposed to wear it. I saw this image on Hot Topic:

Hello Kitty Al Over Print T-Shirt From Hot Topic

After seeing that, I went straight to my closet and put the shirt on… And it all made sense now… I was wearing it backwards this whole time! I thought the scooped part was extremely low — but I really thought you were supposed to wear a cute little tank top underneath (which is what I had been doing all this time).

I guess I can start wearing this shirt correctly… And perhaps switch it up from time to time… Maybe even wear it on my head as a wrap… Who knows!