Sanrio’s Small Gift LA VIP Event!

Kitty-lujah! Small Gift is finally in LA! And guess who got to go to the preview night on Thursday before it officially opened to the public!? n___n My friends and I had happy kawaii crazy fun! I was very overwhelmed with all the kawaii elements AND Sanrio did an *AMAZING* job with this event! I could have very easily cried but I didn’t want to freak out my non-Hello Kitty friends that I invited (Dani and Kurt).

I wanted to share some pix with my Junkies who may not be able to make it out to California… Hope you enjoy:

Sanrio events always have a line… It’s kind of an expected thing!

A celeb sighting! Hmmm… I am just not sure who he is!? o__O Can someone please help me out!

Kawaii balloons of Sanrio characters hanging from the ceiling! @____@

Hello Kitty x Sephora line due out in January 2011! The peeps at the Sephora booth were kind enough to do my make-up! n____n

Double decked make-up palette inside — eye shadows and lip gloss (will update later with more pics and info)…

Gorgeous nail polish, right!?

Don’t mind me — just stepping into the Hello Kitty x Smart Car! n_~

Sanrio x JapanLA art show featuring works from artists like Mari Inukai <3

Camilla d’Errico… Yes, I am head-over-heels in love with both of her pieces…

Super talented Audrey Kawasaki… <3

My fellow Junkie buddy Messy Pink — proud new owner of a crocheted Sanrio scarf handmade by Twinkie Chan!

64 Colors! I can recognize the style anywhere! n____n

Peekaboo Monster representing his artwork…

Crowded Teeth!!! <3 <3 <3 She has three walls to display her kawaiiness! More pix of her booth here!

Serious dose of complete and utter kawaii overload! *___*

Super cute carnival games featuring adorable characters from Sanrio!

My super kawaii Sanrio buddy Renee and her hubby. Isn’t Renee’s one of a kind Tuxedosam outfit the cutest ever!? @____@

The ferris wheel — guess who I got to ride with? n_~

View of the miniature golf are inside Barker Hanger from the top of the ferris wheel…

Kitty-chan poses in front of Simone Legno‘s painting…

Small Gift Pop-Up Shop! I want pretty much one of everything from inside… Maybe doubles of everything! $___$

A few things I am *drooling* over… Will post more product shots soon! *promise*

Three t-shirts from tokidoki x Sanrio 50th! Cannot decide which is the most cutest! What do you think? Artwork for all three designs are posted here.

So much cute fun… Almost unbearable! n___n

However, the *best* and most *amazing* thing about Thursday night was the fact that I got to share the experience with my friends… Including friends I made during Three Apples last year… Hello Kitty Junkies I have known throughout the years… New friends like Kelly from Sephora and Cicely Margo *super fab* Jewelry Designer who gave me a present (which I immediately put on)… Dani and Kurt (my non-Hello Kitty guy friends who support and encourage my obsession)… And Celina and Vanessa pictured below (known them for at least a decade each)…

Small Gift… Big Smile! I am incredibly lucky! *sigh*

Domo arigato for letting me share with you! Will try my best to update as much as possible in the next couple of weeks so I can share my kittilicious adventures! =n_n=

Btw, have you seen these awesome recaps from the VIP event? Some of my fave coverage so far:

Now, off to prepare for Sanrio x Loungefly “I Heart Nerds” Party! Hope to see some familiar faces! n___n

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Product Preview

This past Saturday night, I was able to attend Haus of Super Shimmer JapanLA’s 4 Year Anniversary Extravaganza at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood! JapanLA + Bubble Punch + kawaii girls in shiny outfits + *EXCLUSIVE* Sanrio 50th Anniversary merch preview… Yeah, this was a pretty dope party and it was one of those not-to-miss events. If you don’t believe me, feel free to ask Jordan, Jeanne, Jenna, Mariko, etc… I had the privilege to view some super kawaii *Sanrio* goodies… n_n

Hello Kitty x Girl Skateboard Co. deck… I saw the prototype last year during the Three Apples event — really pleased that these skateboards garnered enough interest to go into production! And the awesome thing is, they are available at JapanLA now! @____@

Sanrio x Brunswick bowling balls!!! I had *NO IDEA* about this collaboration! o_O My Sanrio connects sure know how to keep their secrets and surprises!!! *_____*

I did not take super awesome photos *sad face* but I can describe the detail… The red part actually has a cute pattern made of Kitty-chan’s outline — similar style to this iPhone case

I am the type of person who will inspect the same plushes out in a store just so I can have the best looking one… So it’s no surprise that I was starring at the dividing line on this ball! O_O Jordan had to remind me that this is just a prototype… I came to the conclusion that it must be very difficult to print on a sphere because there is some distortion in the characters. I am crossing my fingers that this kawaii pattern gets aligned correctly and there will be less distortion.

Sanrio x Demeter Fragrance — on display but I did not get to smell! x_X I guess I gotta get myself over to Sanrio or Urban Outfitters since they are available now! I was told they *smell like a Sanrio shop* Hmmm… I hope that means it will smell pink and sweet! n_n

Hello Kitty x Aerial7 headphones… I wish I knew about these! I treated myself to the tokidoki Skullcandy Ti Stereo Headphones last year, which I adore… But you know me — I *always* want the Hello Kitty “product” over anything else… Oh well, maybe I can have two headphones? One for work and one for home?

Sanrio x Dr. Martens!!! @___@ I think the most practical pair for me are the black and pink mary janes… But I am not practical! o_O I want the 8-eye boots with the allover Sanrio characters pattern…

I mean, they are just too cute, right!? *sigh*

Just in case you have not read the press release yet, read PR Newswires’ SANRIO Celebrates 50 Years… The most interesting parts I read,

Collaborations & Products: As a “thank you” to their ever-loyal fans, SANRIO plans to unveil special co-branded collections, starting this summer with SANRIO x Dr. Martens.  Signature Dr. Martens 8-eye boots & mary jane strap shoes will be bestowed a trademark Hello Kitty bow for this limited edition collection.  Collaborations with a diverse group of brands including Brunswick, Girl Skateboard Co., Aerial7, Lomography, Demeter Fragrance, Mimobots, and Build-A-Bear Workshop will launch a plethora of amazing products at retail partners worldwide, featuring an assortment of SANRIO characters. A benchmark of SANRIO’s 50th Anniversary will include iconic characters appearing together for the first time ever (outside of SANRIO’s Harmonyland and Puroland theme parks in Japan), on products including the 8-eye Dr. Martens boot, a Brunswick bowling ball,  iPhone cases, apparel, accessories and many other unique products.  There will be plenty of signature “small gift” items at market as well, including pens and notebooks, coin purses, key caps & lunch cases…

Upcoming Events: In addition to in-store celebrations, contests, giveaways and gifts with purchase programs, SANRIO will host a series of events across the country, each with a pop-up shop offering additional limited-edition SANRIO 50th Anniversary items.  For the truly die-hard fans, there will be a short film contest and an iPhone app that will alert them about limited-edition product releases.  Surprise interactive get-togethers and other special anniversary events and contests will be announced online, and fans will have the opportunity to keep up to date on new products and events at as well as virally on Facebook and Twitter

Events across the country!?!?!?! Short film contest!? Surprise interactive get-togethers!? @__@ How kittirific! I am wondering if Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary will be bigger than Kitty-chans’s 35th Anniversary last year… It would be hard to top Three Apples from last year IMO…

Very happy to have some info about Sanrio’s 50th and I look forward to reading more news! If you know of any thing I don’t — feel free to share and discuss over at Hello Kitty Junkies! =n_n=

2010 Cherry Blossom Festival of SoCal at Sanrio JVP Recap

Domo arigato to everybody who swung by Sanrio in Japanese Village Plaza! It was so amazing to see your beautiful faces — Belle & J, Marjorie & her maganda girls, Anjh, Jeanne & Sean, Emily & Chris, Angela & her bf, and a few others! *Sorry* I have a horrible memory! x_X And you know it is always a pleasure to help out the kittitastic girlies at my *fave* Sanrio shopKandice, Krys, Kelly, K, (I believe Kandice likes people’s names that starts with a “K”), Angie & Genara!

When I was not helping out with the games, visiting with shoppers or doing some face painting, I snapped some photos to share with my Hello Kitty Junkies!

Don’t Banana and Genara look kawaii with their Kitty ears and faces painted!? n_n

You know my eyes got *BIG* when I saw this Panda Kitty coin bank, right!? @____@ She is incredibly kawaii! I know she will take up room, but *totally* worth it in my opinion.

And the collectible key rings are back!!! I agree with Kelly that this time every single design is cute (well, maybe I am typing too prematurely since I do not know what the secret mushroom silhouette Kitty looks like)… I opened a couple of boxes to see if I could peek — no luck! o_O Each box is truly a “blind box surprise!” My *faves* are Panda and Tiger!!! I do also like Career Girl since it is Kelly in the Kitty form. Those of you who shop at Sanrio JVP know what I am talking about! n_~

New shipments make me happy! Especially when kawaii products come out — like the tin lunch boxes! I did not pick one up because I could not decide which one I thought was the cutest — I narrowed it down to three designs tho… Can you guess which ones?

I don’t know what I am going to do… Sanrio keeps producing kawaii plushies… You know how irresistible they are to me… My weakness! *_____*

I showed Krys the Kitty pose! n_~ *photo borrowed from Kandice*

Kitty-chan was very popular! So many people crowded around her to take photos and hug her… I also saw a few young children who were scared to get close to her, especially without their parents!

I had to get a flick with Kitty-chan of course! *____*

Inside the shop was crazy crowded! Non-stop guests coming through the door all day Saturday… It did slow down a little on Sunday.

The most kawaii Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel tattoo I spotted in real life… Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe the only one I have ever seen in real life! Adorable, no!?

Kawaii pink pup! I thought it was a plushie! lol ;D

Awww… I really want this tan Hula Kitty… But do I really need more plushes in my collection!? I say absolutely yes… But maybe I will take her home with me next time! n_~

Again, thanks to all my Hello Kitty Junkies who made it out! It was truly a delight to see you! Thank you for making my weekend Hello Kitty overload! I cannot wait to show you what I went home with… Til then, peace, love and Hello Kitty! xoxo @____@

Also, did you happen to check out Sanrio celebrates @ San Francisco’s Cherry Blossom Festival? I *totally* want to check out the SF Cherry Blossom Festival Meet-up!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me! n_n

Hello Kitty Meet the Artists Party Racep

My *fave* event from Three Apples was Saturday, November 7, 2009 — Hello Kitty Meet the Artists Day! This was by far the best day! Obviously my opinion but I have very good reason why I loved this day soOoOo much! @_@

I had been working a lot (everyday for the past several weeks) but I always looked forward to Saturdays! I did not enjoy the waking up early part — I had to be down in Culver City by 9:30am on a weekend… I am not exactly a “morning person.” The good part:  being able to choose an original art piece from Buff Monster‘s Series 2 panels!

As you may already know, Buff Monster is an amazing contemporary artist who created a painting and prints for the Three Apples show along with a series of 35 10″x10″ wooden panels. His series was so popular that a second series followed. This series was released on the Artists Day and since I missed out on the first series, I kind of gave in to peer pressure and bought a panel! Very hard not to buy one when Bellerina and Jordan and Jamie and Jenna and Jill and Christian and etc… bought one… And also, I met Buff Monster and he is so cool and cute and nice and cute and funny and cute and really smart and cute and loves Hello Kitty… And did I mention he is cute!? n_~ Seriously, he is a really talented artist and I wanted to show my love and support!

Can you guess which one is mine!?

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Buff Monster Series 2 Panels

I actually spent a lot of the morning taking orders for these panels. During this time, I got to meet some new Hello Kitty buddies who collect art! I met Adrienne and Jolene — they both helped me to pick out the panel. I also met Robyn — yes, her name is spelled just like Robyn, the pop singer — remember Do You Know (What It Takes) from back in the day!? (I still have that cd single somewhere…) n_n

Ok, I guess right now would be a good time to share why exactly the Artists Day was the best for me. I started off meeting some really awesome people — and it really seemed genuine… I felt that throughout the whole entire day! I also saw the amazing Three Apples crew — Supa Jill, Supa Dave, Christian, Susan, Jamie, Vance… And you know I adore all of them (like to the 7645272934568th degree)! n_n

More original artwork released that day by Plasticgod — another super popular artist! How popular, you ask? Popular enough to make several series of these adorable 4″x4″ Kitties! So far, there are: Series 1 (19 designs), Series 2 (24 designs), Goth Series (9 designs), Series 3 (27 designs)! Each of the designs are limited editions of only 35! Oh My Kittiness!!! That sure are A LOT of Kitties!!! @_@ Which are your *faves*!? For me, there are just waaay too many kawaii Kitties to even pick out a handful! o_O

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Plasticgod Series 2

My photo does not do Plasticgod any justice *sorry* so please look at JapanLA’s site for all the juicy details!

These 16 10″x10″ panels by Chase were also released!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Chase Panels

Peekaboo Monster got his live painting on… Btw, there are still a limited amount of his “Kitty Got Space Swag” prints available! Very dope title, huh? My buddy Taft (left) was there to make sure the artists had everything they needed…

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Peekaboo Monster Live Painting

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Peekaboo Monster Live Painting

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Peekaboo Monster Live Painting

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Peekaboo Monster Live Painting

You can spot Angry Woebots signing Dorothy‘s Three Apples Art Book off to the left…

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Peekaboo Monster Live Painting and Angrey Woebots Signing Art Book

Wowowow, right!? I would imagine it being pretty difficult to paint in front a of an audience…

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Peekaboo Monster Live Painting

I got to meet fellow Hello Kitty Junkie AND Graphic Designer *Sabrina*

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Sabrina

Bellerina & Co.

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Bellerina and Co.

The super awesome silkscreen t-shirt thingy… This was complete awesome-ness! You paid $20 cash and you received a t-shirt with up to three screens printed on it! Here are the six designs you could choose from:

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Silkscreen Designs


Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Silkscreens

Line of peeps who waited (up to two hours!?) in order to get their one of a kind silkscreened Three Apples t-shirt…

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Silkscreen T-Shirt Line

Some sample screens to test the ink and pressure… The red scared me… o_O

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Silkscreen Tests

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Silkscreen Tests

Jenna and I were super excited about the available designs! Photo by: Sarah M Golonka Btw, that is Plasticgod in the black hat behind Jenna! n_~

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Me and Jenna - Photography by Sarah M Golonka

That is my t-shirt!!! I was in love with 64 Colors, Buff Monster and Crowded Teeth! Actually, I really liked Plasticgod‘s Lady GaGa design too — that would have been the fourth screen if I could have!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Silkscreen T-Shirt -- *Mine*

I saw Jeanne! How is she always this cute!? @_@

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Jeanne

I got a photo with the kawaii lolita girls! @_@ I am pretty sure that the panda-hat-wearing Julie is THE KAWAII-EST doll ever! Yes — doll! n_n She is always, I mean *ALWAYS* freaking’ adorable!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Kawaii Lolitas

So happy I got to meet Pop (such a hottie) and Ash (super cool guy) — they bought a few Buff Monster panels for their Sahbu Shabu restaurant which is scheduled to be open soon! ;P

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Pop and Ash

And it was a real pleasure to meet the artists who had works up on display! I was soooo happy! You know how you feel at the end of the school year when you go around to all your friends with your yearbook and have them sign it!? Kinda silly, right? But I promise it was SOOO MUCH FUN!!! If you do not believe me, ask Bellerina and Jenna and Dorothy and Angela!? ;D

I <3 *Mari*!!! Photo by: Sarah M Golonka

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Mari Inukai - Photography by Sarah M Golonka

Thomas Han

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Artist Thomas Han

Ahhh I *love* Luke Chueh! <3 The only way to not love his work is to be blind! o_O His “Hello, Kitty” print is still available… n_n

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Artists Luke Cheuh

Simone and Buff Monster! @_@

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Artists Simone Legno tokidoki and Buff Monster

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Artists Simone Legno tokidoki and Buff Monster

Check out the canvas filled with Three Apples artists’ signature styles! Can you spot a few artists!? I was kinda sad when I studied this because I noticed Crowded Teeth had been there — but I did not get to meet her! :'(

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Live Painting by All Artists

Many props to the artists who participated in the live painting sessions:  Peekaboo Monster (right), Angry Woebots (middle) and Camilla d’Erricco (left). <3 <3 <3 These were silently auctioned off during the night…

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Live Painting by Angry Woebots

My fellow Hello Kitty Junkie Mimi came down from the Bay Area with her husband! It was so amazing to meet her in person — I just wish she came earlier! n_n

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Mimi

The amazing Misha!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Artist Misha

Misha‘s “Hello Venus” is one of my *faves* from the show — hard not to have a few *faves* since so much of the artwork was a-maaazing! n_~ She obviously knows about Art History and Botticelli and The Birth of Venus — she should totally be an Art History professor! Seriously, wouldn’t that be interesting? I know I would not have fallen asleep as much as I did back in the day when I was in school!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples "Hello Venus" by Misha

After I talked to Misha, I have to move “Hello Bast” into my *faves* category too! I just really love that she incorporated other Sanrio characters in this piece… Can you spot Kuromi? Keroppi? My Melody? Who else!? n_~

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples "Hello Bast" by Misha

My new friends Stephanie and Robyn! They are both kawaii, neh? n_n

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Stephanie and Robyn

I *heart* Simone and I told him! I am just sad that I forgot to tell him I was wearing the über kawaii pink puffy sleeved Donutella Kitty t-shirt! o_O I must have been too excited!!!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with tokidoki's Simone Legno

Camilla d’Erricco <3 She was incredibly sweet! And her painting was one of my *faves* from the show… Like I get anxious because I did not buy her “Hello My Kitty Land” print and it is still available! What to do… What to do!? o_O

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples with Artist Camilla d'Errico

This was what she created during her live painting session… It was auctioned off and I know the girlie who won it! *jelly*

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Three Apples Camilla d'Errico Live Painting

Hmmm… I am probably leaving out a lot (although it does not feel like it)… If you have not already, please read Bellerina’s 3 Apples – Day 6 “Artists Party” because she is awesome! n_n

For images of most of the artwork, please view Three Apples Art Exhibit — looks like all the photos are up. For the official Sarah M Golonka photos of Three Apples Artists Day >>> CLICK HERE!!! If you would like to purchase any Three Apples artwork, you can do so through JapanLA!