Joel “KROOK” Raul’s Hello Kitty Bandanas

What can I say… These are so fresh! I love seeing Hello Kitty adapted to different styles. When I think of bandanas, I get an urban/street vibe… Something with edge and a little danger! Kitty-chan is so sweet and innocent so Kitty-chan being on a bandana is pretty dope — because the concept has to do with putting together opposites.

Just my thoughts… I never got a chance to ask Joel “KROOK” Raul why he decided to create these Hello Kitty bandanas. Whatever the reason, I super *ADORE* them… I can’t see why a Junkie wouldn’t! o___O

Do you like my special metallic pink on black bandana? Joel said he only printed several of these so I feel really lucky to have one in my possession! *___*

Cute tank top Joel created last year…

These debuted during the Small Gift event last year… But they are still available! Check out Joel’s shop!

Sanrio Small Gift LA Event: Art Day Part 2 – Joel “KROOK” Raul + Contest!

This is a continuation from Sanrio Small Gift LA: Art Day Part 1. I wanted to feature Joel “Krook” Raul, one of the Small Gift artists, a friend of Jenna’s AND he is hosting a *contest* that all the Junkies should enter!

As I stated in the last post, Joel “Krook” Raul had live screenprinting of bandanas and tank tops during Art Day! People could purchase bandanas ($15) and tank tops ($20) of their faves, like: Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Hangyodon and Tuxedosam!

There was an order form you could fill out to choose which character and color you wanted on a bandana or tank top…

Live screenprinting…

Cute tank tops, right?

That’s the artist!

Here are his contributions to the Small Gift art show.

Contest time!!!

The best way to start off a new year is with a chance to win some Hello Kitty goodies! If you are lucky enough to score some cute things and custom pieces from Joel “Krook” Raul, then you know 2011 is gonna be a kittitastic year! =n_n=

ASCTD First Contest of 2011

Asociated Crew is gonna start his year with a couple contest. As you know Krook Martinez and ASCTD were one of the artist at the Sanrio 50th Anniversary show. So now he has decided to share some of the stuff he created along with some great ASCTD gear. All entries will be chosen at random.
How do you enter you ask? its very simple
For one entry add us on Twitter: Click here
For a second entry add us on our Asociate Facebook Page.
For a third entry go to our Contact Us page and just fill out the info.
(Don’t worry we hate spam and will never spam you)

*I highly recommend just doing all three — doesn’t take that long and you can win some super cute stuff! n_~

First Prize: Given on Valentines Day <3 Small Gift Anniversary Tote Bag, Stickers, posters, goodies, ASCTD Tshirt, Hello Kitty Tank and all 4 bandanas in different colors Hello Kitty, Badzt Maru, Keroppi, Choco Cat Perfect Prize Bag if you missed the Anniversary Show.

Second Prize: Given on 2/27 Hello Kitty Tote Bag, Stickers, goodies, ASCTD Tshirt, Hello Kitty Shirt, Water Bottle and all 4 bandanas in different colors Hello Kitty, Badzt Maru, Keroppi, Choco Cat and the winner will get his/her choice of reprint poster Los Angeles Landscape, Marilyn Monroe or Train Tracks (choices will be emailed to winner) check out our Shop for details.

Also: In the meantime we will be giving away 3 random bandanas per week to 3 people (one bandana each) They will range from Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Keroppi and Choco Cat. Chosen at random.

The Hello Kitty bandanas are so cute! For sure these are my personal faves! n_~

But the Keroppi bandanas are pretty adorable too!

Good luck to all my Junkies! I hope someone I know wins *like me* Just kidding… n_~