Hello Kitty Fun Pattern Collection

Saw this new collection on Nakajima USA… And oh boy! Do I likey! n___n

Strictly going off of the product images, I adore: backpack, coin banks and iPhone 4 case. I hope I can get to Sanrio JVP soon to check out this collection! @____@ The pattern is very fun and super cheerful with all these colors!

Here is the Hello Kitty Fun Pattern lineup…

Waaaaa, kawaii, neh!? @__@ *SO* freakin adorable!! n___n

Hello Kitty’s Bday Party at Sanrio JVP Recap…

Last Saturday, I got to celebrate Kitty-chan’s Birthday with my kawaii friends at Sanrio in Japanese Village Plaza! I also got to share my exciting news… I was *lucky* enough to get hired at one of the most kawaii places *EVER*! n___n

With all this excitement around me AND the Small Gift LA event just around the corner, I have not really been able to focus… I apologize about neglecting my e-mails and taking a long time to approve new Junkies… o_O

It is already past my bedtime but I am determined to share some photo of the event now…

And a few kawaii items on my wish list… A few = A LOT!!! *___*

Surprisingly, I left that day with nothing. Isn’t that awfully strange!? o_O Well, time to catch some zZzZz’s… ~_~