Nisei Week at Sanrio JVP, Little Tokyo

I always have so much fun during Nisei Week — mostly because I am surrounded by Hello Kitty overload! The highlight was meeting new Hello Kitty friends and seeing old ones!

Here are some photos of what was in stock at my *fave* Sanrio shop EVER!!! I have not been to any Sanrio stores in Japan… So I guess I mean to say my *fave* Sanrio shop in the U.S.! n___n

Sanrio JVP Cherry Blossom Festival In-Store Event Recap

A couple of weekends ago, there was supposed to be the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. x_X

But that didn’t mean Sanrio JVP wasn’t going to throw a party! And since Sanrio JVP is my *fave* Sanrio boutique (note: I have not been to any Sanrio boutiques in Hawaii), I was in attendance!

Here are some photos… As usual, kawaii Hello Kitty + Dear Daniel Hina Doll Sets, photo op with Hello Kitty and a fellow Junkie — *Kitty White* from the Bay area, goodies on my never-ending *wish list*, Hello Japan totes, etc…

My friend *K* holding the special cherry blossom themed Kitty-chan fans…

Fellow Junkie *Kitty White* and *Hello Kitty*!

Hello Kitty & Tiny Chum design… Kawaii! @____@

Hello Kitty x Asics “Euphoria” sneakers

The very luxurious CHOUETTE <3 Hello Kitty line is now available in the U.S.! I was drooling over this black watch… So pretty! *___*

The display of Hello Japan totes were actually the first things I saw when I walked into the store! @___@ I also remember telling *Kandice* that Sanrio *HAS TO* make some t-shirts! n_~

I was able to get my hands on five tote bags… I might have to buy more because I am very supportive of the cause — which is to help Japan! Thank you Sanrio + Loungefly for raising awareness and $$$$$! These totes went fast so make sure to grab a few when you can — I find that people like receiving gifts like these totes *especially* because you donated money for a charitable cause. They are available on Loungefly right now… They will be at your local Sanrio boutiques and on soon! n___n

California Meet-Up at JVP Recap

Oh boy! What a super kittitatstic weekend! I got to hang out with my friends on Friday night for a little Bday outing (my Birthday was February 29th). Then on Saturday, I got to hang out with some new + old Hello Kitty Junkies at the California meet-up!

I showed up super late o___O because I did not get enough sleep from my Friday night outing… x__X But I did have a blast hanging out with my fellow Junkies — hope we get together again soon! Maybe during the Cherry Blossom Festival? n_~

Group shot of us hanging out in front of Sanrio JVP (from left to right: HK Guy, Lynda, Christina, meee, Kyra and Mayski)…

Some merch I scoped out inside the store… Yes, currently on my *wish list* too…

One of the shoppers shared her tattoo with me — still a work in progress but very beautiful, no? I forgot to tell her about my blog + social network because shyness came over me… o___O I hope I run into her again so I can see the final ink and invite her to join Junkies!

HK Guy‘s famous Hello Kitty cookie… You have to come to a meet-up to get one of these! n_~

Mayski shared her darling creations with us! How cute are these??? I just wish they were edible! @___@

Isn’t she crafty!? She also created these super adorable Sanrio x cupcakes… I asked her about possibly doing a craft meet-up where she can teach us how to make these cuties… We will see if she has time! n___n

Kyra‘s kawaii ink! She said it did not hurt, but I am not falling for it! o___O

After hanging out for a little bit, I left to check out the Sephora Hello Kitty Beauty event at the Beverly Center! So sad I only got to stay for such a short amount of time… The rest of the Junkies headed on over to Hold Up Art to check out the “9 Lives of the Kitty” Art Show. You can see more meet-up pix from Kyra here. n___n

Domo arigato Kyra for organizing the meet-up! It was great seeing everyone! Hope to do this again *SOON*! =n_n=

You’re Invited: California Meet-Up at JVP in March 2011!

Hey Cali Junkies! *and any Junkies planning to be in the LA area in March 2011*! Kyra has been working very hard on organizing a meet-up for those who are interested! *And I have been very bad about posting this — so sorry.* x___X But you know me — I am super duper excited to hang out with other Hello Kitty Crazies Junkies! n_~

Here is the important stuff:
Time: March 5, 2011 from 10am to 3pm
Location: Japanese village in LA

More detailed information can be found on the California meet-up event page. So please join the discussion and RSVP so we can know who to look out for! Hope to see you soon!!! Yayayayayayay! n____n

“9 Lives of the Kitty” Pop-Art Show Reception

Domo arigato to all those who showed up! The weather + traffic were yucky but *wow* it was really great to see my Hello Kitty Junkies out and about! Jenna + HKGuy + Messy Pink + Belle + Amber! Thank you x2873746526!!! n___n

I have some photos to share since some of you guys could not make it:

Guess who painted this one!?!?! n_~

So happy I got to hang out with *Belle* — she has been super busy lately juggling 87463542 jobs and all!

One of Sean D’Anconia‘s pieces…

My *fave* part of this is Kitty-chan in her panda outfit… Especially because she is blushing AND winking! *Sigh*…

*Belle*’s man asking Sean some questions on how he creates his paintings.

More kawaiiness from Sean… (I borrowed the image below from Amber’s fb)…

Sean and Misha (photo borrowed from Sean’s fb)

Misha’s artwork…

Yes, this totally looks like Stephiee!!!

Lucky Bunny‘s pieces…

Shawna Trpcic‘s piece…

Shark Toof had some of the wood panels from the Small Gift Art Show on display as well.

Cute stuff, right!? n___n “9 Lives of the Kitty” will be on display at Hold Up Art in Little Tokyo until March 17, 2011. Stop by and check out the work with your own eyes! *much better in person* n_~

More photos on Amber’s fb album and Sean’s fb album (you may have to befriend them if you are not already tho).

Again, *thank you very much* to everyone who came out to the opening reception! xoxo

Hold Up Art Presents: “9 Lives of the Kitty” Pop-Art Show Update

Reminder for *THIS* Saturday! And guess who will be making her debut with a small painting!? n_~

Here’s the 411:

Time: Saturday, February 19 · 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Hold Up Art in Little Tokyo, 358 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA
(and invite your friends!)

Please note that this is an art show featuring single painted “originals” (one of a kind). This is NOT a Sanrio or Hello Kitty event.

Featuring Art by Misha, Sean D’Anconia, Lucky Bunny, Shawna Trpcic (Dollhouse/Torchwood) & Maria Fleischman (Hello Kitty Junkies).

The show will run from Feb. 19 until March. 6th but please join us for opening night.

And you know me… I have been snooping around on Facebook to see if any of the artists have put up some previews of their pieces… I don’t want to ruin the surprise for any Junkie who is going… So here is a tiny glimpse of the kawaiiness! I wonder what Sean is up to in this one…

Below is a portion of mine…

Hope to see my LA Junkies this weekend! And I hope you will enjoy my painting — I made it from my heart! n___n

Hold Up Art Presents: “9 Lives of the Kitty” Pop-Art Show

This will be super kawaii and kittirific! I can actually tell just by looking at the flyer! I plan on attending the opening night. Any Junkies wanna join me!? n_~

Date: Saturday, February 19, 2011
Time: 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: Hold Up Art in Little Tokyo, 358 E. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA
RSVP: If you are on FB, please share with your friends!

Held in Hold Up Art‘s Showcase wing, “The 9 Lives of Kitty” will feature three LA artists interpretations of the iconic Hello Kitty, and her many fascinating yet secretive lives. The show will feature Hold Up Art regular Sean D’Anconia, as well as introduce Misha and Lucky Bunny to the HUPA audience. The three artists’ approaches vary drastically and with a common ground in Kitty, the audience will be opened up to the understanding of how there styles originate and differentiate from each other.

via Hold Up Art

The show will run from February 19th until March 6th but please try and attend opening night – *rumor is that Kitty-chan herself will make an appearance*! =n_n=

For more info, please visit:

Hello Kitty’s Bday Party at Sanrio JVP Recap…

Last Saturday, I got to celebrate Kitty-chan’s Birthday with my kawaii friends at Sanrio in Japanese Village Plaza! I also got to share my exciting news… I was *lucky* enough to get hired at one of the most kawaii places *EVER*! n___n

With all this excitement around me AND the Small Gift LA event just around the corner, I have not really been able to focus… I apologize about neglecting my e-mails and taking a long time to approve new Junkies… o_O

It is already past my bedtime but I am determined to share some photo of the event now…

And a few kawaii items on my wish list… A few = A LOT!!! *___*

Surprisingly, I left that day with nothing. Isn’t that awfully strange!? o_O Well, time to catch some zZzZz’s… ~_~

Hello Kitty Art by Sean D’Anconia of Her Majesty’s Secret Studio

Back in August, I posted some pix of some kittitastic artwork I saw during the Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo… Remember, I could not remember the name of the artist? x___X

Well… Better late then never… I am happy to introduce you to Her Majesty’s Secret Studio‘s  very own Sean D’Anconia! Sean is:

…a visual artist based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Sean specializes in creating art/product/media that celebrates and integrates the cult cinema/anime/retro art worlds into new universes of “wasabi wishes and James Bond dreams”!

via Facebook

I am kinda mad at myself tho! I do not remember seeing this piece, Hello Kitty, Hello London! Kawaii!!! @___@

I super LOVE this one — Memories (Memoirs) of a Kitty! *Sigh* It’s so pink! And Japanese! And look at the Gotochi Kitty references!!! Again, *sigh.* n_~


Tahiti Kitty… I can’t decide which one is my *fave*… To difficult to decide right now. >___<

Waaaa! Kawaii!!! Are you in love yet!? If not, go get your eye balls checked! n_~ Make sure you check out Her Majesty’s Secret Studio for high res images — you can get a more detailed look and further ooooh and ahhhhh over the artwork!

And one more thing! Sean has a post in which he recently visited Sanrio HQ in Torrance… Will there be a future Hello Kitty x Her Majesty’s Secret Studio collabo!? Hmmm… Enquiring Kitty minds need to know! =n_n=

My Kittitastic Sanrio 50th Weekend Recap

Oh boy! I have had a super duper busy schedule for the past couple of weeks… That’s how family/friends/work/life can be sometimes… o___O But you know me — I have no complaints… As long as I have enough Hello Kitty in my life — it makes everything more fun and kawaii! =n_n=

Here are photos I took during the Sanrio 50th Anniversary + 70th Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival this past Saturday and Sunday (August 14-15, 2010)… As always, domo arigato to all the Junkies who stopped by! It is always nice to see familiar smiling faces! n___n And it was nice to meet new friends *especially* Ivan from tokidoki!!! (fyi, he is kind of a big deal!) @___@

Guess who has a brand new Hello Kitty Lomo fisheye!? Oh, yes I did! And I practiced my shooting skills… Which needs *plenty* of work! n_~

Kawaii Kitty plushies inside the claw machine! @___@

Yes, that is Kelly and she is holding the Kelly Kitties! =n_n=

Doesn’t Angie look so cuuute with her Kitty headband!?

Hello Kitty loves everybody!

Banana (my baby sister Anna) loves balloons…

And I love sunkissed Hello Kitty keychains… I completely forgot to get one of these… o___O

One of many appearances by Miss Kitty!

I noticed that there are so many cute Sanrio 50th Anniversary decals on the floor throughout the store…

So many Sanrio x Re-ments are now available in store!!! I *L-O-V-E* these!!! Evidence can be found here, here and here. n_~

Here is a kawaii Keroppi face I got to paint… Like my pink circle cheeks skills!?

Sanrio 50th Anniversary cardborad stands… So cute! Wish I could take them home, hehe… *True sign of a Junkie* n_~

The happy and lovely Krystal…

One guest came into the store with her Halo Kitty t-shirt… Of course I had to snap a photo! She found this from Anime Expo!

So much fun in the sun…

Nice crowd + sunny Cali weather at Japanese Village Plaza

I dunno which is more kawaii — little cutie toddler or her pink Hello Kitty yukata!? n___n

These are a couple of sightings during the 70th Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival. One of a kind paintings (by an artist I cannot remember the name of)… They ran a couple hundred dollars per artwork. $___$

Kawaii, neh!?

If you are in the neighborhood, come hang out with me at Sanrio JVP! We can gush over all the kawaii Hello Kitty merch inside the store… And of course, do some shopping! n___n