Hello Kitty Love Bandit Collection By Loungefly

By now, most of the Junkies living in the U.S. should already know about the Love Bandit collection — available online at Loungefly and Sanrio.

The Love Bandit collection… Kitty truly is a *Thief of Hearts* — ask any of the Junkies! This collection comes at the purrr-fect time because *Valentine’s Day* (02/14) is right around the corner! There is a really nice range of products for any true Junkie to enjoy! I am incredibly lucky to be gifted the collection by my fave person at Loungefly! n___n

14 Ways the Love Bandit Stole My Heart:

  1. Concept is SO freakin’ cute! She had my heart as soon as I saw the WANTED poster!
  2. Love Bandit Facebook App ties into this collection so seamlessly
  3. Red, black and white colorway is so strong and graphic! It’s always nice to have some bold Kitty items in your collection
  4. Kitty-chan is thugged out and still looking cute!
  5. The hangtags are über cute (as Loungefly always makes them)
  6. The quality of the products are great! I have a wallet I *always* use and it’s still in kittitastic shape
  7. I love all the attention to detail: usage of different materials like sequins, canvas, fabric, faux leather… Graphic elements like stripes and hearts…
  8. Cute black on red Hello Kitty Love Bandit pattern
  9. Key cap is kawaii
  10. Packaging on the key cap is even more kawaii (if that is possible)…
  11. The tin lunch box is *adorbs*
  12. Vinyl collectible toy!
  13. Vinyl collectible toy packaging!
  14. It’s Hello Kitty — that is actually reason enough that the Love Bandit stole my heart! But as an added bonus, collectors who purchase merch from this collection at a participating Sanrio Boutique will receive a special Hello Kitty Love Bandit poster (while supplies last)!

WARNING: super-looooong post ahead!

Here is the keycap inside the packaging… Can you say *L-O-V-E*?? <3 The packaging is so clever — isn’t it? I love how consistent every piece is in this collection!

Wallet features the attention to detail that Loungefly is so good at — this same detail shows up throughout the collection, specifically the coin bag and tote bag.

The lovely hangtags I mentioned in my list of 14… Is it strange to save these tags — because I save mine all the time! o___O

Inside detail of the wallet featuring that cute black on red pattern!

*Thief of Hearts* is etched into the back of the wallet.

Coin bag — I will retire my other coin bag for this one! ^___^

Again with the cuteness! Let me also point out that I like the quality of the zipper used on this coin bag. The one I am going to retire — I used it so much and it never got caught on anything and it didn’t look/feel cheap.

Back detail…

Printed and embossed tin lunch box is so kawaii!

Here is the inside view of the front… Looks pretty cool, huh?

The design team at Loungefly could have cheated and just used a pattern here — but I really like how the hearts wrap around the bottom of the tin lunch box!

Makes it so cute IMO!

Tote bag — gotta love everything about this!

The bag is made of canvas… But look at all the other texture that are on the tote! Sequins on the black stripes! Red faux leather on the hearts Kitty has stolen! Applique patch! etc. etc.

Side pocket zipper with closer… And look what pattern it is lined with! *___*

Back of the tote…

Black on red pattern — love that the inside of the tote bag is lined with this!! And the Hello Kitty by Loungefly patch — cute, right?

Loungefly even designed underneath the handles!!

Kittitastic stitching job, right?

Knee high socks — cute and stylish!


Collectible Hello Kitty Love Bandit vinyl! This is my *fave* piece from this collection! My *FAVE*!!!!!

I am in love with the packaging because most of the artwork is placed on here without looking too cluttered…

Who knew Kitty-chan had so many A.K.A.’s!? Hello Kitty a.k.a. Kitty White a.k.a. Love Bandit a.k.a. Thief of Hearts… I do like all of her aliases tho! n___n

Love the packaging!!

And the vinyl is cute! Geesh! No wonder this girl is wanted for stealing hearts!! n_~

Profile view (kinda like a mug shot)…

Back view…

Artwork on the bottom of Kitty’s feet…

Yup… Definitely my *fave* item from this collection!

Thank you for letting me share my pictures!

Thank you Trevor + Loungefly!! This Hello Kitty Junkie love you long time! n___n

Hello Kitty Love Bandit Is Coming Soon To Loungefly!!

Did you see what is currently on the Loungefly homepage!? AND what is posted on the Loungefly FB page!?

The *WANTED* poster is too cute!! Too cute that I even borrowed this poster for my FB profile pic (please feel free to add me if you’re a Junkie)! n_~ What is the best part about this poster? Is it that Kitty-chan looks super kawaii as a Love Bandit? Or maybe that her physical description is spot-on! Or maybe even the fantastic little story of why Kitty-chan is WANTED and the reward offered… I dunno, everything just works as a whole… *L-O-V-E* =n_n=

(click image for full size)

*Dun Dun Dun*!!! Something very kawaii is coming soon — and this is the *wanring* to all the Junkies!

Hello Kitty Love Bandit by Mighty Fine

The Hello Kitty Love Bandit is here — and it seems that she is stealing everyone’s heart! I know she got mine, has she stolen your heart with this design!? n_~

Mighty Fine actually released these cute tees at the end of last year (yes, I am late on sharing the news) but I saw these back in stock (and a couple of new ones added?) and wanted to share with my fellow Junkies who missed it during the first time around!

Bandit Lineup ($25) womens basic fitted crew neck tee, 100% cotton in vintage gray — definitely my style!

Standing Bandit ($25) womens basic fitted crew neck, 100% cotton, heather red. Kitty-chan is

sneaky like the Hamburglar and the Cookie Crisp bandit…. but so much more kawaii!

You know what’s funny? When I first saw this design, I immediately thought about the Hello Kitty x McDonaldland promo in which my fave plush was Kitty x Hamburglar!

I like Love Bandit Head ($30) too — it’s a loose fit scoop tee that’s made of 100% cotton. It’s awesome that Mighty Fine is: 1. making more fashion tops for us Kitty lovers as opposed to just the basics and 2. the cost isn’t drastically more.

Sitting Love Bandit ($30) womens loose fit cropped tee, 100% cotton, heather gray.

My *fave* top (the one that totally stole my heart) is Hello Kitty Bandit Sac o Love! Love the design on this one SO much! The graphic looks distressed on the burnout material of the fabric, which is 50% poly 50% cotton, and it’s $25, which is the same as the fitted crew neck tee from this line. Kawaii, neh?

These are currently *WEB EXCLUSIVES* so make sure you don’t miss out! Find more Hello Kitty cuteness at Mighty Fine! n__n