Hello Kitty Fun Pattern Collection

Saw this new collection on Nakajima USA… And oh boy! Do I likey! n___n

Strictly going off of the product images, I adore: backpack, coin banks and iPhone 4 case. I hope I can get to Sanrio JVP soon to check out this collection! @____@ The pattern is very fun and super cheerful with all these colors!

Here is the Hello Kitty Fun Pattern lineup…

Waaaaa, kawaii, neh!? @__@ *SO* freakin adorable!! n___n

Sanrio 50th Merch: Hello Kitty & Tiny Chum

Sanrio 50th Anniversary’s Hello Kitty & Tiny Chum collection is so kawaii!!! Ahhh! I wish I lived in Japan sometimes — they seem to release more kawaii products… Or maybe I like them more because they are rare?

As always, I am in *L-O-V-E* like… A LOT!

Beautiful design, right!? My top three *wish list* items I need from this collection (hopefully it will be available in the U.S.)…

  1. Mobile Case
  2. Letter Set
  3. Pen

But you know me… I would not mind having it all! @___@ The pastel colors remind me of babies, toddlers and young girls — but I am not thrown off! This is definitely a design that I appreciate for myself! It has pink polka dots, heart details on Kitty-chan’s feet and so many kawaii Tiny Chum buddies… *Must be my inner seven year old self*!

Which are your *faves*!?

Kawaii Sanrio Hello Kitty Vintage Stationery Re-ment Miniatures

As you can see, I cannot get enough of these adorable kittified miniatures! Here are some more Hello Kitty Re-ment I added to my collection! This time, mini replicas of vintage Hello Kitty stationery! (yup, I ordered these on eBay as well).

Awww… How I wish I had real life size vintage stationery items… *especially* the paper clips, pencil sharpener, tape dispenser, ruler, etc… Hmmm, I guess I would not mind having all of them! n_~

Meet-Up With HKGuy

I had my first official meet-up with someone from Hello Kitty Junkies! ^_^ I was a little scared, nervous, worried, anxious, tense, eager, excited, happy… But after we started talking about Hello Kitty, it was all good!

Me and HKGuy

HKGuy‘s super awesome hand-made jewelry and totally cute Hello Kitty digital camera (one of many as I later found out)!

HKGuy's Hello Kitty Digicam

HKGuy surprised me with this very cute Hello Kitty Tattoo notebook, which he got from the Sanrio outlet at Gilroy (I plan on visiting this shop very very soon)!

Hello Kitty Tattoo Notebook From HKGuy

Very cute details on the inside…

Hello Kitty Tattoo Notebook From HKGuy, Detail

Hello Kitty Tattoo Notebook From HKGuy, Detail

Thank you HKGuy! I owe you lunch and a couple Hello Kitty surprises! ^_^

Swap Navidad Sanrio

I participated in a Holiday swap on the Flickr group My HELLO KITTY & Sanrio Collection Coleccionistas Sanrio. So I received my surprise gift from Alexandra!

Recibí mi swap Navidad Sanrio! Muchas gracias Alexandra Bonita!