Pom Pom Purin Is So Yummy!

I have a *HUGE* crush on one of Hello Kitty’s friends — I hope she does not get *jelly* n_~

Purin lives in a special ‘Purin-size’ basket near the front door of a girl’s house. He’s never without his brown beret. He enjoys collecting shoes (like Papa’s leather shoes and Mama’s sandals, which he hides one-by-one). He enjoys napping, Purin aerobics, and becoming friends with everyone.

His favorite foods include milk, soft foods, and Mama’s homemade pudding.

via Sanrio.

I was gonna keep my love for Purin on the light side – maybe collect a couple of sticker sheets… But then I saw the *Room* collection and felt like I needed more than a sticker sheet or two… And the rest is history. n_~

I adore this cute little plushie couch — wish it came in real life size! It would look so cute in my living room! @___@ I don’t have anything in it yet… But I am thinking of putting some jewelry or maybe a mini Kitty plushie! n_~

I really adore the whole *Room* concept… Actually, I love the illustrations a lot! That is the thing that made me want the Purin products even more! I also feel that Purin is so simple and cute (which is very difficult to do) and he adapts very well to most products (like a mug or eye glass case for example).

Here is the inside of the hang tag:

Back view of Purin couch plush jewelry holder…

Purin paper clips… Very doubtful that these will be used — I mostly got it because I love the packaging!

Sanrio makes *everything* look super adorable!

Purin shaped paper clips… *Adorbs*

I like collecting stationery because it is usually one of the more affordable things at Sanrio. I picked up the Purin memo pad and the designs on the sheets are super kawaii! n___n

I like that there are ten different designs!

Here are some of the designs…

I also love the packaging for the Purin letter set! The letter set comes in a small plastic clear file/folder… Again, the cute illustrations appear everywhere! And the colorway is very cute — pudding yellow with chocolate — yummy! n___n

Portrait letter sheets + envelopes + die cut letter sheets in the shape of Purin are included…

Back detail of file/folder…

And it came with some stickers too!

Die cut sheets — SO cute!

Hmmm… Maybe I should have purchased doubles — one to use and one to keep in pristine condition!

Pen Pal Letter From Florence

I always get the prettiest surprises from my French pen pal Florence… Like, really! ^_^

Pen Pal Package From Florence

Hello Kitty laundry design on the pouch (must be a Sanrio Europe line because I have not seen this in the states)…

Hello Kitty Pouch

Hello Kitty shower gel…

Hello Kitty Shower Gel

Hello Kitty Stickers (Circus Themed)

The most kawaii paper clips ever! They are in the shape of Kitty-chan’s head! ^_^

Hello Kitty Paper Clips

Hello Kitty Stationery Sheet

Who can resist this panda Kitty’s cuteness!?

Panda Kitty Charm

I love her big head and small body… Lol! ;D

Panda Kitty Charm

Don’t you just love getting kawaii kittified snail mail from overseas? ^_^