Hello Kitty Con: Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop

One of the main things that all con-goers look forward to is the shopping! Especially when there are Hello Kitty Con limited edition exclusives!

Check out the menu below (click for larger view):

1034_sanrio_hellokitty_con_friendship_station_pop-up_shop_menu_01 1034_sanrio_hellokitty_con_friendship_station_pop-up_shop_menu_02

The Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop was the official Hello Kitty Con shopping destination offering a HUGE selection of kittilicious goodies! It was located upstairs and the lines were looong! I’ve heard some people were waiting in line hours just to get some shopping done!

Please enjoy the eye candy below… You know I wanted two of each and every single thing in the pop-up shop — but I didn’t have a hundred zillion dollars on me.


How kawaii is this Kitty on her tricycle? I wish I could have taken her home — I woulda made room in my tiny apartment for her! I mean, who needs a dining table and chairs, anyway!? n_~



Here is one of the con limited edition exclusive items — this supercute plush! I love that she is wearing a Hello Kitty visor!


Another exclusive was this vinyl figure! For my collection, she is a MUST-HAVE item.


It’s a bit strange for me to like something where Kitty-chan’s face is covered and I cannot see her eyes, however, this design is so iconic and it was used heavily in the wild postings… And I just really like it! It cost $36 and was limited to one per person. n___n


Now, in my opinion, the ultimate #1 MUST-HAVE is the bobblehead! Why? Because Kitty-chan is so darn cute as a bobblehead! She is all ready to go to a convention with her classic blue overalls and her throwback handbag, coin purse and camera! Is there really anything not to like about this item? The bobblehead was $22 and there was a limit of one per person. @___@


The 40 Favorite Things necklace was another con exclusive — and gorgeous in real life… The retail cost for this was $175. I did the math: 175/40 = $4.38/charm, which is about how much they would probably cost if they were re-ments. This was also limited to one per person.


So pretty!


All of Kitty-chan’s fave things — and there’s 40 items to represent her 40th anniversary!





Supercute bracelet featuring Kitty in her plane…


Dangling earrings…


I loved all the vintage replicas. Here is a printed and embossed coin purse…



Another coin purse featuring Kitty sitting in front of a rainbow. So happy and sweet!


iPhone 5/5S cases — I would have gotten the calculator one if I still had my 5S!


Awesome pins…


That calculator is so adorable! I actually am in love with the artwork/graphics that are featured in the pop-up shop!


This was a ID/badge holder…


Coin purse lanyard…


Tin lunch box and stickers!


So the amazing artwork and graphics were most noticeable on the bobblehead and file folders! (I guess also the necklace). Look how cute this is! @___@ Kitty-chan playing the claw machine for some vintage Kitty products! =^_^=


There she is again! Behind her are all of her fave things! <3



Yet another cute design — is Kitty-chan looking into a store window? Or inside her room? I wish she was peeking inside my room because that would mean all those things are on my shelf!


This is more like a real throwback — wasn’t this a design for one of the store bags?


The artwork I am in love with… I want to be this Kitty — Hello Kitty Con attendee, collector, photographer, shopper, cute friendly girl! *Sigh* =^_^=


Wall of mini bags, keychains, bags, socks, etc…


This graphic does really put a smile on my face. n_n


Hello Kitty Precious Moments porcelain figurine…


Nail Art book…


Puzzle and Chogokin x Hello Kitty robot…


Luggage tag…









Lanyard and pins starter kit


School bus collection of pins


Comes with certificate of authenticity


Packaging is so kawaii and the pins are beautiful!


Revoltech Hello Kitty


Chogokin x Hello Kitty robot — on my wishlist! She is so awesome! She can be transformed into so many different positions — great for photos! =^_^=



I saw this tiny sleeping/blushing Kitty that fit in the palm of my hands on the preview night — when I went back to take her home with me, she was no longer there. T___T



Cute plush headband, no? You can always have Hello Kitty hanging out with you if you wore this… n___n


There was also a Hello Kitty plush hat — I tried it on but I think my head is too large…


So cute tho! She has a HUGE head and small body… Which makes this even MORE kawaii than normal!


Knee socks!



Hello Kitty x Spot (Target dog) plush…


How cute is Spot’s outfit?


The Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop was a pretty large space.


And I was super excited to see a section of tokidoki x Hello Kitty plushes! Just in case you do not know, tokidoki x Hello Kitty is one of my all-time fave collabos ever! I am completely biased since I work at tokidoki, but I’ve been claiming that this is one of my fave collaborations *BEFORE* I started working there. =^_^=


I also love these cuties… Anytime Sanrio designs Hello Kitty + another one of Sanrio friends — I just adore! Especially if Kitty is wearing a costume of one of her buddies!


Kitty + My Melody — btw it’s My Mel’s 40th anniversary in 2015!


Kitty + Keroppi = double kawaii, neh!?


Kitty + Purin!


Kitty + Mimmy = twinsies! <3 <3


More plushes! One of my weaknesses! I had my eyes on more than a one in this section! @___@


More photos of the shopping heaven space…


Japan LA Clothing…


Official con gear…


The merchandising was really organized well and spaced out nicely.



Even as you walked to get in line to pay, there were beautiful displays of products luring you in…


And as if that wasn’t enough, while you stood in line, there was another island with shelving for you to grab some last minute things you may have missed inside the pop-up shop…


And your last chance to grab something you may have forgotten was when you finally made it to the counter — with plushes calling out your name! =^_^=


The pop-up shop was superkawaii… If you made it all the way down here — thank you so much for reading. I mostly wanted to share my kittirific experience with my fellow Junkies who could not make it to Hello Kitty Con.

Wanna see what I added to my kittilicious collection? You must come back for that! Stay tuned for more! n_~

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Hello Kitty Junkie in Hello Kitty Homeland!

Hihi! You read correctly! I am currently in Japan — the Hello Kitty homeland. I refer to Japan as Kitty-chan’s homeland because that is where the concepts and products that we love and adore are originally from! And O… M… K… There is kawaii overload in Tokyo! I am here for a couple of more days — but I could not wait to share some photos with my Junkies! @___@

If you follow me on IG (@hellokittyjunkie), you already saw this photo — my essential Kitty travel items…

And if you are checking the Hello Kitty Junkies’ FB page, you also saw the Hello Kitty bus I spotted! This was in Harajuku!!

I also shared a photo of the inside of Kiddyland! As soon as I walked into this store, I knew my credit card was going to have some damage on it! $___$ The merch is super kawaii… And it is way too difficult to resist Kitty-chan in all this cuteness! n___n

Hello Kitty x Tokyo Skytree promotion sighting in a convenience store (was it 7-Eleven?)

I played the UFO catcher and actually won a prize! Thanks to my new friend *Lina*

Gotochi Kitty sighting! This one represents the area where the Tokyo Tower is located! @___@

And those are just a few kittilicious sightings I had during the first couple of days! More to come!

In the meantime, check Hello Kitty Junkies’ FB page to see updates and follow me on IG @hellokittyjunkie! I will try to share as many super interesting photos as possible! Domo arigato! =^_^=

Loungefly Summer Sample Sale Recap

Oh boy! I could not believe how many peeps were at Loungefly’s Summer Sample Sale! I knew there would be a ton of people since it was held on a Saturday… But I was NOT expecting what was in line for me! @___@ As soon as I got there, I thought about leaving — THAT is how LOOOONG the line was! o___O

Here are a couple of photos for proof — I don’t want you to think I am exaggerating…

But I did not leave — what Hello Kitty Junkie in her right mind would leave!? n_~ Instead, I ordered french toast from the food truck and tried to assess how long I would be waiting. While in line, I met a fellow Junkie — *Alicen*! Thank goodness because Belle, Jordan and Rosie had already went in and shopped. *Alicen* and I waited for our food… For a very long time. I still thought, “We are not going to make it inside that sale” but we waited as patiently as we could.

I felt a bit hopeless so I decided to see what other shoppers were able to score! I saw some lucky shoppers come out with boxes of what looked like super kawaii Hello Kitty merch!! I was curious to see what I might find in the sale… One shopper was able to find Hello Kitty Best Friends Necklaces

Kawaii coin purse…

Black and pink faux patent leather wallet…

I spotted Dorothy when she came out of the sale tent and I *HAD* to know what she scored! The Kitty City Tote is pretty adorable — if you ask me! n___n

She scored another tote bag…

And a Hello Kitty backpack…

After a couple of hours of waiting, *Alicen* and I *FINALLY* made it inside the Loungefly Summer Sample Sale tent… And it was *CRAZY*! O____O

So much merch *everywhere* and sooo many people!!! @___@

Lots of Hello Kitty coin purses…

Kitty City Pencil Cases — I *love* this collection so you know I had to pick up a couple of these! n_~

Hello Kitty diary sighting…

Cute Hello Kitty t-shirt sighting…

Yay for new friends! *Alicen* put up with my whining and complaining for a couple of hours while we waited in line!! Yes, she is a very brave soul! Thank you. n___n

But wanna know what THE BEST part of my day was!? The BEST PART of my day was meeting my new kittitastic friend *Jessica*! She came up to my car and told me she loves my blog! <3 <3 <3 Isn’t she the sweetest!?!?!? n___n

Want to see my Loungefly Loot!? n___n

Sanrio Day of Donation

I stumbled onto this quote:

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

Edmund Burke

Isn’t that the truth?

I know the Junkies already know about the Sanrio promotion, but I thought I would re-post because I *L-O-V-E* Sanrio and Japan! I am so happy the peeps in charge of Hello Kitty + her kawaii friends are contributing to the Japan relief efforts! It really makes me happy that Sanrio has been taking action — it just further sustains my love for Sanrio and keeps me a fan forever!

In friendship and support of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we invite you to Sanrio’s Day of Donation!

On Thursday, March 31, 2011, Sanrio.com and participating Sanrio Boutique Stores will donate 100% of net proceeds to American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts.

Go here  to shop online or here to find a participating Sanrio Boutique Store near you. The Day of Donation takes place during store hours at participating Sanrio Boutique Stores and 12am PST – 11pm PST at Sanrio.com

This support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to victims of these disasters. On those rare occasions when donations exceed American Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters.

Additional contributions can be made at www.redcross.org or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 on your cell phone.

Thank you for your friendship and support!

The American Red Cross name and logo are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position.

via Hello Kitty Blog

Please spread the Kitty news and keep supporting Japan! Domo arigato! =n_n=

Holiday Gift Guide: Hello Kitty x SparkleBee

It is that time of the year again — the gift-giving season! Have you already completed your shopping for the Hello Kitty lover in your life!? If not, don’t worry — you have enough time and I have plenty of suggestions on what a modern day Hello Kitty Junkie *like me* would LOVE in his/her collection! n_~

Did you know that SparkleBee is “Sanrio’s largest licensee in the world”!? They make innovative, fun and practical Hello Kitty branded products to liven up any room — like the Hello Kitty toaster that I believe *EVERY* Hello Kitty Junkie needs! Actually, when I tell strangers about how crazy I am about Kitty-chan, I usually get asked if I have the toaster! This toaster is a staple item for any collector *imo*! n___n

Below is a gift guide (my recommendations) of what I think are the cutest things from SparkleBee’s latest line!

Hello Kitty bluetooth headset kit includes: bluetooth headset, super kawaii ear hook, USB charger, car charger three ear cushions and a pink carrying case. Good news! My friend Viviane has this and approves!

Hello Kitty hair dryer, ceramic straightening iron and ceramic curling iron are all perfect for the stylish Junkies who love to get dolled up! And the hot pink design is more edgy than the previous light pink and pink colorway that has been out before, right?

Hello Kitty table lamp will look cute in your bedroom or office and is definitely appropriate for any age… Actually, I am eyeing this lamp for myself! n_~

Stylish Hello Kitty clear screen protector and iPhone wraps to kittify your iPhone 4! I do not have one yet *boo* but hopefully I will upgrade soon!

Hello Kitty laptop sleeves for both PC and Apple fit screens up to 15.4″ — if my MacBook Pro was not 17″ I would definitely rock one of these… I refer the black and pink combo…

More kawaiiness that I want in my collection are…

Hello Kitty LED mood lamp! It features auto changing color and has relaxing lighting effects… This is probably made for the younger Hello Kitty fans but I kinda want one in my collection. n___n

Hello Kitty one cup coffee maker, water dispenser and neon light… *sigh* I have been loving that neon light but don’t think I ever came across one in store. o_O

Hello Kitty LCD TV, am/fm projection clock radio (projects the numbers), rocker animated mini speaker and stereo speaker system with built-in iPhone/iPod docking station… So much cuteness! Has anybody seen any of these in person? That stereo speaker system with iPhone/iPod dock is one of my *faves*! Love how it is shaped like Kitty-chan’s head! =n_n=

I know! So many cute things to choose from! SparkleBee carries *TONS* more kawaiiness and you can check out the lineup here! The above are some things that I find über cute and wouldn’t mind receiving as gifts… *hint hint* n_~ I mean, giving to my friends as presents! n___n Which are your *faves*???

These items are currently available at select Sanrio boutiques, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, and online (so pretty much everywhere).

Make sure to add SparkleBee on Facebook and follow SparkleBee on Twitter for the latest info on their line of Hello Kitty products!

Sanrio’s Small Gift Pop-Up Shop Menu

OMK!!! This is the most kawaii and kittilicious menu I have EVER laid my eyes on! @___@ I super love the concept and whoever designed the cover… *AMAZING*!!! You cannot get any cuter than Kitty-chan and her Sanrio buddies in a hamburger!!! *sigh* lol ;D

You can download your own copy on Sanrio’s 50th Event Products page to view the 50 specially selected *MUST-HAVE* Small Gift products. Again, *sigh*

Special Starters include…

Main Dishes…

Happy Hour…




Totally agreed that is is the abso-kitty-lute best menu you have EVER seen, right!? n_~

Now for the hard part… What am I going to order off this menu!? Right off the top, my top five that I NEED and I do not have yet:

  1. Sanrio 50th Anniversary Book $24.95
  2. Small Gift 3″ Vinyl Figure Set $42
  3. Small Gift 90 Piece Mini Figure Set $200
  4. Small Gift Bobbleheads $18/each
  5. Small Gift Postcard Set $12/each

Looks like I will have to pack my lunch for a while… A very long while since everything off the menu looks yummy!!! What are your faves??? n___n

Hello Kitty Shopping in Taipei: Higashi Sakura

Yet another post I had been meaning to share since the beginning of this year… Higashi Sakura was an unexpected surprise! When Amandabot and I went to Taipei the first time to visit her friends, this is the shop we saw on the way home! It is located near the Taipei 101 area (kinda like the Times Square of NY). The shop was almost closing so I did not really get my shop on… Don’t worry, I did a return visit, the sales girls remembered me and even hooked me up with a VIP card and a discount! n_~

As you can tell from the photos — *LOTS* of kittilicious goodies in stock! There was a good variation between new and old collection… Merch from Taiwan and Japan… I must have picked up a handful of Strawberry Newsletters here. The girls speak a little bit of English, but when you are inside of a store like this, you can speak the language of Kitty-chan. n_~

I *highly recommend* this shop if you ever make a trip out to Taipei. n_n

Oh! Hello Kitty overload… As for what I picked up — I haven’t taken photos yet but I will post later so be on the look-out! @_@

Hello Kitty Shopping in Taipei: SOGO & Daiso

I believe I told a few Junkies about shopping at SOGO while I was in Taipei, right!? I meant to post this months ago, but… Actually, I do not have a good excuse! x_X

As the saying goes, “better late then never!” Hopefully, you agree with me on this one! Amandabot took me into SOGO and dropped me off on the floor which housed all the Hello Kitty goodies I was after! @___@ I snapped some photos so that you could see what kind of products were available in Taipei!

Kawaii Japanese toys *I can tell because of the writing* n_~

I want a Hello Kitty kitchen play set!!! But I think I am too old to play with this! n_n

Kitty-chan’s Love Kisses collection actually came out in stores at the end of 2009…

Hello Kitty building blocks! *So tempted* to get this! @____@

When I saw this display, I was in love…

Stamps! *____*


Cute molds… Anyone wanna make treats in the shapes of Hello Kitty + her buddies?

Hello Kitty eraser maker… I am serious!

Hello Kitty was everywhere in Taiwan, however, people love Little Twin Stars and My Melody a lot over there too!

As I strayed from the Sanrio/toy section, I found some Hello Kitty babywear!

And I spotted some Hello Kitty x Crocs!

My feet are too BIG tho… So I did not end up getting them… o_O

I do remember some of the Hello Kitty Junkies from Singapore posting these Hello Kitty x 3M plastic hooks… They were fairly inexpensive (too much time has passed so I do not remember the exact price)… So I picked up a couple…

I also got to do a little bit of shopping at Daiso, a Japanese discount goods store. *Think* dollar store, but way more awesome! Especially since I spotted a section devoted to Kitty-chan! *____* Does anybody have a Daiso near them? I wonder if all Daiso stores carry Sanrio merch!?

Cute stamps!

Cute bags! This was very similar to the Target dollar bin Hello Kitty bags.

Ahhh… Right about now, I am missing Taipei just a little bit… Hello Kitty shopping! =n_n=

Super Mega *Kawaii* Fun Tokyo Tour with JapanLA (Hello Kitty Style)

Get your passports out because it’s that time again… You know, when Jamie from JapanLA takes a group of people on her Super Mega Fun Tokyo Tour! She is the *ideal* person for this trip since Jamie A.) knows kawaii and B.) Has done this before… There is nobody more suited to tag along to Japan with! n_~

This trip is an all-around Tokyo tour… But you know as well as I do that Tokyo is *Hello Kitty heaven* for someone like me! Jamie was kind enough to let me know about all the Hello Kitty details…


Puroland is Sanrio’s indoor theme park — click here to view awesome photos by Christian Lau. There are four Sanrio Stores!!! Stage Show Performances with Kitty-chan and your *fave* Sanrio characters!!! Hello Kitty restaurant with Hello Kitty shaped foods… Arcade with claw machines and purikura photo booths… Sanrio Parade… Take pics with Sanrio characters that hang out in the front area for *FREE*… Hello Kitty’s House Tour with photo opportunity with Kitty-chan at the end… AND… Kitty Lab will be there, which means you get to experience the interactive fun first hand…

Not to mention grab the latest Kitty Lab merch:


Questina has a delightful selection of Hello Kitty items for grown-up Kitty fans *like MEEE*. This store is ONLY found in Ginza. You’ll find many original items that can’t be found anywhere else, including original bags, travel accessories, clothing and custom made original bouquets with a Hello Kitty motif. Christian Lau shares photos of Questina here.

Ginza is also home to Sanrioworld, the flagship Sanrio store which features the entire range of Sanrio shop brands under one roof: GIFT GATE, Vivitix, HELLO KITTY STORE, Little Twins Stars Shop… As well as regional item corners, Greeting Cards and more. Ginza is the place to be if you want to get your nails deco-ed out Hello Kitty style or if you are looking for super rare collectors’ items: Anteprima bags, Dr Romanelli figures, Hello Kitty bras, Hello Kitty ties, Bling Me! items, etc. Btw, both these shops are highly recommended on Sanrio Japan’s site!

On the day the tour visits Ginza, Jamie has planned a meeting with Mori Chack, creator of Gloomy Bear!!! Yeah, Jamie knows people like that! n_~ You will get to go to Sweets Paradise for all-you-can-eat dessert and a special signing/drawing and pics with him! And P.S. Jamie knows where to get the Gloomy x Hello Kitty merch! *___*


Kiddyland is located in Harajuku and Sanrio has a half a floor devoted to Kitty-chan and her friends! There are actually a lot of kawaii merch available at that shop!!! *_____* Earlier this year, some of my friends visited Japan and guess what they saw!?!? There was a special Hello Kitty shaped waffle maker station out front!!! Not 100% sure if this kawaii Hello Kitty Pop-Up Waffle Shop will be there, but you can always keep your fingers crossed! @___@ *Photo borrowed from Christian Lau*


There is a Gift Gate in Shinjuku which houses the world’s largest Hello Kitty monument. Kitty-chan greets visitors at the Shinjuku Gift Gate, making it a popular spot to take souvenir photos. Jamie also knows of a store here that has Hello Kitty collaboration items. She found the Hello Kitty and Mimmy as masked wrestler plushes here! She has also spotted rare purses, tees, keychains, tokidoki x Hello Kitty Unicorno purse, etc… In short, lots of K-I-T-T-I-T-A-S-T-I-C stuff! There is a Quolomo store in Shinjuku too, where you can find current collabo merch with Kitty-chan, Little Twin Stars and My Melody…


This is your spot to find traditional Japanese souvenirs… Jamie found her Hello Kitty dressed in Kimono with fan ceramic figure here… And I am guessing that there will be a lot of Gotochi Kitty items available here as well as Hello Kitty currency! @____@


The Tokyo Toy Show is held in Odaiba — you will be able to see the Sanrio booth and take a look at all the new Sanrio items being released in Japan!!! I am very envious! If you go, you will  see all the 50th Anniversary merchandise in person! @____@ Odaiba is also home to a one of the Sanrio Vivitix stores with lots of rare items that are personally on my *wish list* (click for larger view)…

*Nakano Broadway*

Jamie says that you can find used toys here (and apparently in good condition). I also read that Nakano Broadway is a toy/doll collector’s dream! Sanrio peeps found a Little Twin Star Mirror here from 1974… So it seems that there are lots of rare and unique Sanrio items to be found here! Kinda like a scavenger hunt! n_~


There are lots of claw machines/UFO catchers with Hello Kitty items (*hopefully* you can find one with kawaii Hello Kitty panda plushies and Kitty teapots and cooking pots)… And toys and electronics… Jamie also noted Don Quijote, where they have Hello Kitty pajamas, pillows, toys and tons of goodies! Jamie even got a giant Gachapin x Hello Kitty bolster pillow for $5!!! Like 3 feet tall! What a bargain! *____*

The JapanLA Tokyo Tour Summer Tour is scheduled for JULY 14 – 22, 2010. The tour price includes 7 nights at the Shibuya Excel Hotel, Airfare, local transportation, (including trains and buses), admissions, tour guides, guidebook and shopping maps. There is an optional trip to Osaka July 22 – 26, 2010… *Totally* a dream come true for any of my Hello Kitty Junkies! *____*

Deadline to sign up is June 2nd, with a $300 deposit to hold your spot. For more info, please check out JapanLA Tokyo Tour Summer 2010! Please contact Jamie via e-mail if you would like her to send you a sign-up sheet at:  info[at]japanla.com

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei

This was my first Christmas ever being away from my family… I think I handled it pretty well though (no tears)! Since I was in Taipei, I headed over to the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, which Amandabot knew I *HAD TO* visit. Too bad I could not make it there at the same time fellow Hello Kitty Junkie *Pinky* (from Singapore) went! I could only imagine the holes we would burn in our pockets if we ever had the pleasure of shopping together! o_O

Anyway… Here are photos from my Sweets Cafe experience…

Kittilicious, huh!? ;P

I was so happy that Angie spoke English! n_n

Ahhh!!! Kawaii, neh!? n_n

All of the items on the menu are listed in Chinese so make sure you take a friend who can read if you plan on eating there… Or you can just point at pictures to order! n_~

Kitty cuteness everywhere! @_@

Sweets Cafe workers were super friendly!

The Chef worked hard to create some Hello Kitty treats…

First floor of the restaurant…

I ordered dessert because we were there during tea time… And I have the biggest *sweet tooth* you could imagine! n_n I had the kittified cocoa milkshake. ;P

Is this the cutest coaster ever!? @_@

Guess what? I ordered the same exact chocolate strawberry shortcake dessert that *Pinky* ordered! Isn’t that just kittitastic!? I did not even know what she ordered until I saw her photos from her Taipei visit. I even almost ordered the same drink as her! *I dunno why but I was excited to know this* n_n

Amandabot ordered the kittified tiramisu…

We both got a Hello Kitty Jell-o treat after our original dessert we ordered!

Amandabot thought it was too pricey… Especially when compared to food in other restaurants/cafes in Taipei. But I know I am paying for the experience of eating at the most kawaii themed restaurant in Taipei! The bill came out to $748 NTD + $23.54 USD for two dessert dishes and two drinks… What do you think!?

Angie was super nice and hooked me up with some extra napkins and coasters… *I told her I came all the way from California and this was THE PLACE I wanted to visit.* You know I could not leave without doing some souvenir shopping! @_@ Can you guess what I picked up!?