Sanrio x Forever21: Hello Kitty Forever Collection

Yayayayay!!! Sanrio and Forever 21 are bringing fans another exclusive collection! I’m sure the overwhelming popularity of last year’s collection enabled more kitty-awesome-ness for this year, i.e. more fashionable apparel + accessories at reasonable prices and even kittilicious bedding! ^__^

According to Teen Vogue, this collection will launch November 16, 2012 and the items will be priced between $5 to $30.

Lookbook images via Lucky.

DIESEL Hello Kitty Capsule Collection

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DIESEL Hello Kitty Capsule Collection — here is the cuteness for the young fashionista in your life!

Awww… Kawaii pants… And with that adorable keychain dangling from the belt loop! n___n

LOVE these denim shorts! If only they made them in my size…

The red and white paisley pattern goes so well with denim! And check out the Hello Kitty metal button trim.

This top is very kawaii and fashion-forward for a young Junkie n___n

More detail…

Also love this denim dress! =^_^=

Cute, right? I wonder… If this girls collection does well, maybe Sanrio and DIESEL can think about a womens collection!? *A Junkie can always dream* n_~

Recent Hello Kitty Target Sightings

I stopped by Target this evening to pick up some mousse for my frizzy hair… Actually, I can pick up mousse anywhere, but I also wanted to check out the dollar bin to see if there were any new Hello Kitty items! ^_^ Unfortunately for me, the only things left were some Hello Kitty socks for little girls… *sad face* But I still bought three pairs (I guess I am planning for the future? Like way ahead)…

I did go into the girls’ section to check out the clothing because it is rumored that the XL size can fit adult women… I did not try any on because it still looked too small for me! o_O Anyway, here are some of the things I spotted:

tokidoki x Hello Kitty For Me!

All I can say is, I really tried to be strong when I entered Happy Six. But with the brand new tokidoki x Hello Kitty gear out now, there was no way I was leaving the store empty handed! Thank goodness Amandabot was there to make sure I only purchased one thing, this heather gray tunic:

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

The front featured Hello Kitty wearing a cactus suit which is appliquéd and embroidered on to this soft, comfy, and mostly cotton tunic. The pockets have the tokidoki x Hello Kitty all over pattern on the inside. And I just want to let it be known that I love the tag. It is so cute to me… If I had designed this, I would have stuck the tag on the outside so it is visible when you’re wearing it.

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

Sexy open back with large heart button closure, tokidoki star character screenprint on the back right shoulder, and tokidoki x Hello Kitty mark going across the booty with the ribbon being appliquéd and embroidered:

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

And here is my wishlist:

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

I love the pattern… What could be cuter than Hello Kitty and the Cactus Friends together?

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

I want this!

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

I think I can make this dress — not exactly the same, but similar idea — with heart buttons and a Hello Kitty appliqué.

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

All my pictures came or blurry because I was so excited to see the tokidoki x Hello Kitty line in person.

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

I noticed that there was a lot of flocking going on in the clothing. I like it, but I am wondering — how many times can I wash the shirt before it starts to wear off?

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

I still like the shirt — cute sexy back cut going on… But I was too fat for it :: boo hoo ::

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

Amandabot liked this shirt —  she said because of the graphic. Uh huh, suuure! It is because Amanda likes characters that look like her. I will agree with her because it is cute…

tokidoki x Hello Kitty at Happy Six

Something which has been a reoccurring theme:  tokidoki and Hello Kitty can do no wrong. Check out the other cuteness at Happy Six, JapanLA or tokidoki. I haven’t spotted them on Sanrio yet… Hmmm…

And I saw another thing I liked — not in the tokidoki x Hello Kitty section tho. Amandabot is modeling the t-shirt of Kitty-chan holding up the peace sign while wearing a peace sign shirt (or a necklace possibly). Anyway, Kitty throwing up the peace sign just reminds me of myself, which is why I think it is even more adorable!

Hello Kitty Peace Sign T-shirt at Happy Six

Oh! I don’t know why, but I just cannot get enough of Hello Kitty!

Knock-Off Hello Kitty Stuff at Venice

My number one favorite place to find knock-off Hello Kitty stuff is in Downtown LA… My second favorite place is Venice. I spotted these shorts at one of the shops on the Venice boardwalk…

Hello Kitty Shorts at Venice

I saw these necklaces in another shop…

Knock-Off Hello Kitty Jewelry at Venice

Knock-Off Hello Kitty Jewelry at Venice

If you go to Venice, make sure to keep an eye out for bags too — there are plenty of Hello Kitty bags (girls’ backpacks and cute little purses)… It’s kinda fun to spot them out — even though my sister gets annoyed with me very easily and tries to ignore me… I always point out Hello Kitty to her.

Thursday’s Northridge Mall Trip (Hello Kitty Sitings) Part 1

Shopping while depressed is never a good idea. I know this and I still went to the Northridge Fashion Center last Thursday. The first store I hit was Wet Seal. I managed to get out of that store with only one item so I was ok. While waiting in line to try on some clothes, I spotted a cute Hello Kitty mini-robe…

Hello Kitty Mini-Robe at Wet Seal Northridge

Some loungewear tank tops…

Hello Kitty Loungewear at Wet Seal Northridge

Hello Kitty Loungewear at Wet Seal Northridge

Kitty shorts, I think I have seen these before at Charlotte Russe too…

Hello Kitty Loungewear at Wet Seal Northridge

Hello Kitty Loungewear at Wet Seal Northridge