Joel “KROOK” Raul’s Hello Kitty Bandanas

What can I say… These are so fresh! I love seeing Hello Kitty adapted to different styles. When I think of bandanas, I get an urban/street vibe… Something with edge and a little danger! Kitty-chan is so sweet and innocent so Kitty-chan being on a bandana is pretty dope — because the concept has to do with putting together opposites.

Just my thoughts… I never got a chance to ask Joel “KROOK” Raul why he decided to create these Hello Kitty bandanas. Whatever the reason, I super *ADORE* them… I can’t see why a Junkie wouldn’t! o___O

Do you like my special metallic pink on black bandana? Joel said he only printed several of these so I feel really lucky to have one in my possession! *___*

Cute tank top Joel created last year…

These debuted during the Small Gift event last year… But they are still available! Check out Joel’s shop!

Small Gift: Celebrating 50 Years of Sanrio Book

My current *fave* reading material is Small Gift: Celebrating 50 Years of Sanrio! It’s got everything a Junkie could ever dream of… Kawaii illustrations of Kitty-chan and her adorable friends… Photos of Sanrio shops from the past… Puroland images… Product retrospective… Timeline of popular characters included in the Sanrio fam…

Oh yeah! And a foreword by *Yours Truly*! n_~

For the Junkies who have this book — I really hope you enjoyed the foreword!!! n___n

Ahhh!!! These Sanrio paper bags brings back so many good childhood memories!

I hope to get to Puroland… One day…

Vintage Hello Kitty merch…

I wish I had *ALL* of these Kitties in my collection! @___@

One of my *fave* belongings in my Hello Kitty collection for sure! I can’t wait for someone *who has no idea how crazy I am* to ask me if Hello Kitty is popular? Or some random nonsense so I can enlighten him/her with the power of kawaii! o___O

Only Junkies have these kind of thoughts… Or maybe its just me!?

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Stationery Cuteness

My true love = Hello Kitty… *duh* we all know that! But my heart also adores Kitty-chan’s friends — in the form of other kawaii Sanrio Characters from the past! I dragged a couple of non-Hello Kitty friends to the Small Gift LA event last year, and my friend *Dani* was super duper kind enough to let me pick out some kawaii goodies!

*Awwww* I have awesome friends, neh? Guess what I picked out!? n___n

This is not a surprise: pink Hello Kitty clear file sets!

I *LOVE* these designs so much!

I also picked up a letter set with Kitty-chan and her Tiny Chums!

I had to have these memo pads in my collection: Cheery Chums and Tuxedosam totally reminds me of my youth — and you know how aim to hold on to my childhood memories! n___n

Thank you *Dani*! n___n

Sanrio Small Gift Haul… Hello Kitty Overload

I have not posted about new additions to my Hello Kitty collection lately… So here are a few kawaii things I have acquired from the Small Gift event. Yeah, a few… n_~ If you are a regular on Hello Kitty Junkies — you will not be surprised since tons of Junkies have shared their photos. But just in case you wanted to see what I picked up, here ya go!

Please enjoy… n___n

Word in the Kitty-sphere is that some of the Small Gift merch is available at a couple of select Sanrio shops… Some items are also available on! n___n

Sanrio Small Gift LA Event: Art Day Part 2 – Joel “KROOK” Raul + Contest!

This is a continuation from Sanrio Small Gift LA: Art Day Part 1. I wanted to feature Joel “Krook” Raul, one of the Small Gift artists, a friend of Jenna’s AND he is hosting a *contest* that all the Junkies should enter!

As I stated in the last post, Joel “Krook” Raul had live screenprinting of bandanas and tank tops during Art Day! People could purchase bandanas ($15) and tank tops ($20) of their faves, like: Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Hangyodon and Tuxedosam!

There was an order form you could fill out to choose which character and color you wanted on a bandana or tank top…

Live screenprinting…

Cute tank tops, right?

That’s the artist!

Here are his contributions to the Small Gift art show.

Contest time!!!

The best way to start off a new year is with a chance to win some Hello Kitty goodies! If you are lucky enough to score some cute things and custom pieces from Joel “Krook” Raul, then you know 2011 is gonna be a kittitastic year! =n_n=

ASCTD First Contest of 2011

Asociated Crew is gonna start his year with a couple contest. As you know Krook Martinez and ASCTD were one of the artist at the Sanrio 50th Anniversary show. So now he has decided to share some of the stuff he created along with some great ASCTD gear. All entries will be chosen at random.
How do you enter you ask? its very simple
For one entry add us on Twitter: Click here
For a second entry add us on our Asociate Facebook Page.
For a third entry go to our Contact Us page and just fill out the info.
(Don’t worry we hate spam and will never spam you)

*I highly recommend just doing all three — doesn’t take that long and you can win some super cute stuff! n_~

First Prize: Given on Valentines Day <3 Small Gift Anniversary Tote Bag, Stickers, posters, goodies, ASCTD Tshirt, Hello Kitty Tank and all 4 bandanas in different colors Hello Kitty, Badzt Maru, Keroppi, Choco Cat Perfect Prize Bag if you missed the Anniversary Show.

Second Prize: Given on 2/27 Hello Kitty Tote Bag, Stickers, goodies, ASCTD Tshirt, Hello Kitty Shirt, Water Bottle and all 4 bandanas in different colors Hello Kitty, Badzt Maru, Keroppi, Choco Cat and the winner will get his/her choice of reprint poster Los Angeles Landscape, Marilyn Monroe or Train Tracks (choices will be emailed to winner) check out our Shop for details.

Also: In the meantime we will be giving away 3 random bandanas per week to 3 people (one bandana each) They will range from Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Keroppi and Choco Cat. Chosen at random.

The Hello Kitty bandanas are so cute! For sure these are my personal faves! n_~

But the Keroppi bandanas are pretty adorable too!

Good luck to all my Junkies! I hope someone I know wins *like me* Just kidding… n_~

Sanrio Small Gift LA Event: Art Day Part 1

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I was going to post these MUCH sooner! *My bad* o___O

Better late than never? But never late is better! <– I must be listening to too much rap music because I am quoting Drake’s Fancy… o_O

Anyway, just wanted to share some photos from one of my *fave* days from last year: Small Gift Art Day! Sanrio celebrated art all day long with special JapanLA print releases & artist signings! There was live t-shirt printing from Hit + Run and live bandana and tank top screen printing with Joel “Krook” Raul… Sushi, felt and wood figure workshops… Retro 80s Prom Party in the evening… It was such a happy day for me! Here are some snapshots from the event:

Check out *Belle* trying to be bossy!

I spotted some kawaii gangstas playing carnival games: Robyn, Sparkle Stephiee and friend…

So happy Hit + Run took part in this event! The designs in the picture are very blurry x_X but you can make out who the artists are; 1. Sharktoof 2. Joel Ledbetter 3. 64 Colors 4. Peekaboo Monster 5. Crowded Teeth 6. Oh %@$#^! I don’t remember… o_O

Same deal as last year… You pay $25 for one t-shirt… You get to choose up to three designs to get screen-printed on your custom shirt! I got four because the Hit + Run peeps were *SUPER* nice to me!!!! n___n Below is an example — I will have to wear mine so I can upload a pic.

Also present during Art Day was Joel “Krook” Raul and his live screening of bandanas and tank tops! People could purchase bandanas ($15) and tank tops ($20) of their fave characters including Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Hangyodon and Tuxedosam! *I have more to post about this so stay tuned…

Isn’t the pink Hello Kitty bandana so gangsta-cute!? n___n

Check out *Jenna* with all that money! No wonder she has such a big smile on her face! $___$

Here are some screens for the Hit + Run live screen printing…

This is the first screen on my custom shirt!

During the evening, Bubble Punch held a pretty awesome party — make sure to read the recap here! The theme was Retro 80s Prom… Fun, right!? There were a lot of peeps dressed up. Here is a photo of my buddy Angie and her super amazing Small Gift dress… She is too adorable!

Yes, she hand-made the felt Sanrio characters on her dress by herself! *Must have taken a very looong time*

And isn’t this unique? She used small plushies to attach to her headband.

Some other cuties that were rockin’ it at the party — I like their cupcake + Hello Kitty = Hello Kitty cupcake t-shirt!

Another super kawaii girlie! She used the primary colors found in retro Hello Kitty designs… You know, when Kitty-chan is wearing her blue overalls?

Oh her skirt! @___@ To-die-for cute! She is so creative! She made this out of the small norens like the ones they sell at Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle

These are a few Sanrio character trinkets I won from one of the carnival games…

Sand painting fun…

Read my next entry here.

Small Gift Miami: Next Stop on Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Celebratory Tour

Oh man!!! I wish I could go to Miami! Only for a couple of days… Not gonna lie — the thought did definitely cross my mind! o___O More than once! I looked up ticket prices — but it heavily cut into my Hello Kitty fund.

Sanrio has been really good about keeping the fans up to date with tons of pictures! Make sure you browse through the FB album “Small Gift Miami First Look! It is serious *kawaii overload*!!! @___@

Sanrio Inc. continues their 50th Anniversary celebration with their debut during world-renowned Art Basel-Miami 2010.  Artists have long been inspired by Sanrio characters, led by the beloved iconic Hello Kitty®, and now art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to pay homage with this 4-day tribute designed for Sanrio fans of all ages.  Small Gift Miami will open to the public on Thursday, December 2 and runs through Sunday, December 5.

Over 100,000 people have visited the 10-day Small Gift Los Angeles event, and a similar crowd is expected as Sanrio brings a variety of medium to life during Art Basel. Small Gift Miami will inhabit an 8,000-square foot custom designed space in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, and the Small Gift mobile pop up shop, which has been bringing the celebration to fans in cities across the country since October 23, will also make an appearance at Small Gift Miami.

Highlights of Small Gift Miami will include:

  • Art Exhibition — curated by Roger Gastman and Zio Fulcher of R. Rock Enterprises, this group exhibition is the cornerstone of Small Gift Miami.  Fifty internationally-recognized artists were selected to create original works of art in their signature medium, showcasing their favorite Sanrio characters.  Shepard Fairey, Niagara, Jason Alper, Adam Wallacavage, Mark Mothersbaugh, Richard Colman, Mike Shinoda and Seonna Hong are just a few of the artists whose work will be on display, in addition to a selection of limited-edition prints. All artwork will be for sale; with a portion of the proceeds going to Hands On Miami.  Hands On Miami is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that brings hands-on community support to individuals & families throughout Miami-Dade County.
  • Wall MuralsSmall Gift Miami will showcase three stunning 35-foot wall installations created by artists CRASH, POSE and Anthony Lister. Also on view will be a 35-foot visual timeline of the history of Sanrio.
  • Live Tattoos — a tattoo shop will be set up at the event featuring artists Charlie Roberts and Grant Cobb from iconic L.A. tattoo studio, Spotlight Tattoos.  Charlie and Grant have developed over 50 custom tattoos featuring Sanrio icons Hello Kitty®, Badtz- Maru®, My Melody®, Kuromi®, Tuxedo Sam™ and many others.  Guests can select their art & receive a FREE sitting with these artists!

Inspired by many of the elements that have made Small Gift Los Angeles a breakout success, Small Gift Miami will dazzle fans with an assortment of new features such as the Sanrio Sweet Counter, selling Hello Kitty/Sanrio candy, custom neon installations of favorite Sanrio characters, framed vintage Sanrio ephemera, live magic tricks by the house magician, beats by DJ Elle, and photo set ups, featuring character mascots Hello Kitty, Chococat®, Keroppi, My Melody and Badtz-Maru.

Guests will also have the opportunity to purchase specially created and selected commemorative products in the Small Gift Miami pop-up shop.  Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary marks the first time that many of the characters have appeared together.  There are a variety of must-have, collectible pieces including iPhone and laptop cases, tote bags, t-shirts, tin lunch boxes, bobbleheads, plush, a commemorative 50th Anniversary book and much, much more.

Here are some photos! @___@

Small Gift Miami
173 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

Stay up to date on Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary and all Small Gift events online at, on Twitter ( and at Sanrio and Hello Kitty’s Facebook pages ( and

Thank you Dyann for all the info!!! =n_n=

Small Gift LA: Sanrio Celebrates Art Day!

I hope all my LA Junkies have been able to go to the Small Gift event at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica! If not, don’t worry! Samll Gift LA will be open all week long! And you can come hang out with me on Saturday, November 20, 2010! *pretty please.* n___n

Here is the schedule of events for Saturday:

10a.m. – 6p.m.
Live T-Shirt Printing by Hit+Run (no info yet on which artworks will be available to be screenprinted)
Limited Edition Artist Releases and Signings (don’t forget to bring your camera for photo ops)
Live Artist Painting (so much fun to watch the artists at work) + Silent Auction benefiting LA WORKS (yes, Sanrio gives back to the community)

SO *awesome* that Hit+Run will be at Small Gift! They did the live t-shirt printing last year during Three Apples and it was a total *hit*! n_~ Last year’s Art Day was sooo much fun — I hope I get to see my new friends I made last year (like Ash and Pop)! *___*

There are other workshops going on… However, I just checked and they are all SOLD OUT! Wa-waaa! x___X

Sushi Bento Box Workshop
11a.m. – 12p.m.
(25 Participants)
Join Sushi Girl founder, Nikki Gilbert, as she teaches guests how to make sushi in the playful style of all your favorite Sanrio characters! After the workshop, guests can take home their bento box and eat the sushi they create!  Recommended for Ages 10 and up

Felt Workshop with CROWDED TEETH
1p.m. – 2p.m. (15 Participants)
Craft a Hello Kitty or My Melody-adorned felt pouch with Sanrio artist, Crowded Teeth. It’s the perfect little pouch to stash away treasured trinkets or special treats.


Kokeshi Doll (Japanese Wood Doll) Workshop with CROWDED TEETH
3p.m. – 4p.m. (15 Participants)
Learn to make a set of adorable Hello Kitty + Purin wood figures with Sanrio artist, Crowded Teeth. Using simple techniques, you will make a duo of traditional Kokeshi dolls to take home with you.

What is not sold out yet is the “Kitty In Pink” 80s Prom Party! It’s gonna be so rad! I have not picked out an outfit yet… Any suggestions? You can RSVP and invite your FB friends to join you here.

Kitty in Pink: Retro 80s Prom Party
8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.
Sanrio invited you to “Kitty in Pink” – a retro ‘80s prom party that will rock you like a hurricane!  Get into the groove with rad ‘80s cover band the Reagonomics!  There will also be a DJ and performances by the Yuki Shundo Dance Crew.  Perm your hair, get out your shoulder pads and suit up in your best ‘80s prom gear!

For more detailed info, please read “Kitty in Pink” — 80s Prom Night with Sanrio! « BUBBLE PUNCH

Get your tix here:

For the most updated info, keep checking back to:

Thank you Sara for the info! n_~

Sanrio x Loungefly’s “I HEART NERDS” Party! Recap

Barker Hanger was super crowded on Saturday! It makes complete sense — it was the first Saturday after the official opening and it was Fan Appreciation Day, which included workshops throughout the day and Sanrio x Loungefly’s I HEART NERDS! Party… Along with the daily itinerary like the art show curated by JapanLA, carnival games, miniature golf, ferris wheel, arcade, food trucks, pop-p shop…

And speaking of the pop-up shop — very important tip for anyone who lives in the LA area: Do your shopping at the pop-up shop during the weekdays! I mean, unless you enjoy spending a couple of hours in line… x___X

Small Gift closed down to the public earlier than the norm for the Sanrio x Loungefly “I HEART NERDS” Party. I got to help pass out the goody bags to the first 100 peeps in line… Actually, I just handed the bags to Belle… And she handed them to the attendees.

Here is Belle posing with Badtz Maru… Yes, both nerdy-cute! n___n

These nerdy girlies made their own t-shirts! I appreciate that they took the time to coordinate their outfits and be creative with the theme…

I finally got to meet my super sweet Junkie Juanita — she is actually more adorable in person, if you can believe that! n___n

She was just too cuuute!!! Had to take a photo! @____@

Me, Belle and Dean… Honestly, we were not even trying to be nerdy… lol ;D

Messy Pink, me and Belle…

Yay for Junkies who travel to LA for Sanrio events! I got to meet Prikat, a Texan Junkie!

And see her kawaii inked up arm! That is a ton of artwork and I can tell she has a very good tattoo artist!

Check out this little Badtz Maru? Isn’t she cuuute!?

Nerds playing golf…

This sexy nerd won a Hello Kitty sewing machine for her outfit during the “Best Dressed Nerds” contest…

Yay, again! I got to chat it up with Jennifer from Wisconsin! @___@ I was amazed when she told me she has to drive 100+ miles to shop at a Sanrio Boutique! x___X

Hangin’ out with Birthday cutie *Vanessa* — Happy Birthday girlie!!! =n_n=

You can browse through more Sanrio x Loungefly I HEART NERDS! Party photos by LookBookLA here… But I also decided to post some familiar faces I saw!

Bubble Punch, who helped put on a super fun par-tay… Why is Chubby Bunny in tears tho!? T___T

I dunno what the count was… But seriously, so many nerds *EVERYWHERE*!!!

Some of the most super adorable and kawaii-est nerds…

Jamie from JapanLA looking nerdy-cute…

I like how Jenna and her friend kinda match in their nerdy-cuteness…

Some dancing on stage provided by Yuki Shundo Dance Crew… Yes, they even got nerdy with it! n_~

Grand prize winners of the “Best Dressed Nerds” contest… Yup! The winner got a Sanrio x Nirve HK 4 Ever cruiser bike! These guys were the nerdiest of them all! –@-@–

Anyway, so much fun! I cannot wait for next weekend when Sanrio will be throwing “Pretty In Pink!” and of course, Bubble Punch will be helping throw that event as well. Hope to see you guys there! n___n

Sanrio’s Small Gift LA VIP Event!

Kitty-lujah! Small Gift is finally in LA! And guess who got to go to the preview night on Thursday before it officially opened to the public!? n___n My friends and I had happy kawaii crazy fun! I was very overwhelmed with all the kawaii elements AND Sanrio did an *AMAZING* job with this event! I could have very easily cried but I didn’t want to freak out my non-Hello Kitty friends that I invited (Dani and Kurt).

I wanted to share some pix with my Junkies who may not be able to make it out to California… Hope you enjoy:

Sanrio events always have a line… It’s kind of an expected thing!

A celeb sighting! Hmmm… I am just not sure who he is!? o__O Can someone please help me out!

Kawaii balloons of Sanrio characters hanging from the ceiling! @____@

Hello Kitty x Sephora line due out in January 2011! The peeps at the Sephora booth were kind enough to do my make-up! n____n

Double decked make-up palette inside — eye shadows and lip gloss (will update later with more pics and info)…

Gorgeous nail polish, right!?

Don’t mind me — just stepping into the Hello Kitty x Smart Car! n_~

Sanrio x JapanLA art show featuring works from artists like Mari Inukai <3

Camilla d’Errico… Yes, I am head-over-heels in love with both of her pieces…

Super talented Audrey Kawasaki… <3

My fellow Junkie buddy Messy Pink — proud new owner of a crocheted Sanrio scarf handmade by Twinkie Chan!

64 Colors! I can recognize the style anywhere! n____n

Peekaboo Monster representing his artwork…

Crowded Teeth!!! <3 <3 <3 She has three walls to display her kawaiiness! More pix of her booth here!

Serious dose of complete and utter kawaii overload! *___*

Super cute carnival games featuring adorable characters from Sanrio!

My super kawaii Sanrio buddy Renee and her hubby. Isn’t Renee’s one of a kind Tuxedosam outfit the cutest ever!? @____@

The ferris wheel — guess who I got to ride with? n_~

View of the miniature golf are inside Barker Hanger from the top of the ferris wheel…

Kitty-chan poses in front of Simone Legno‘s painting…

Small Gift Pop-Up Shop! I want pretty much one of everything from inside… Maybe doubles of everything! $___$

A few things I am *drooling* over… Will post more product shots soon! *promise*

Three t-shirts from tokidoki x Sanrio 50th! Cannot decide which is the most cutest! What do you think? Artwork for all three designs are posted here.

So much cute fun… Almost unbearable! n___n

However, the *best* and most *amazing* thing about Thursday night was the fact that I got to share the experience with my friends… Including friends I made during Three Apples last year… Hello Kitty Junkies I have known throughout the years… New friends like Kelly from Sephora and Cicely Margo *super fab* Jewelry Designer who gave me a present (which I immediately put on)… Dani and Kurt (my non-Hello Kitty guy friends who support and encourage my obsession)… And Celina and Vanessa pictured below (known them for at least a decade each)…

Small Gift… Big Smile! I am incredibly lucky! *sigh*

Domo arigato for letting me share with you! Will try my best to update as much as possible in the next couple of weeks so I can share my kittilicious adventures! =n_n=

Btw, have you seen these awesome recaps from the VIP event? Some of my fave coverage so far:

Now, off to prepare for Sanrio x Loungefly “I Heart Nerds” Party! Hope to see some familiar faces! n___n