Hello Kitty x Forever 21 = L-O-V-E

I love it when my FB friends share awesome Hello Kitty related links on my wall! My FB friend *Nisa* posted a link to Forever 21 for Hello Kitty | nitrolicious.com… And WOW!!! @___@ I am so in *L-O-V-E* and happily surprised!

Here is the info:

Forever 21 and Sanrio announce their first exclusive collaboration, a limited-edition Hello Kitty fashion collection featuring women’s apparel, intimates, hosiery, jewelry and accessories. The Forever 21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection will make its debut on November 18th

The limited-edition styles includes everything from adorable accessories such as jewelry and bags to socks and tights, also pointelle sweaters, logo tees, cardigans—even a maxi-dress! Priced from $3.80 to just under $30, the limited-edition Forever 21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection will be available in stores and online.

via Nitrolicious.

The styling for the photos are kawaii! Love the hair + make-up + accessories + etc. I also adore the variety of merch that will be available — sweaters, cardigans, dressy tops, beanie, scarf, umbrella, pouch, tote bag, socks! I am really excited about this collection and can’t wait to go shopping!

*Sigh* I am going to be so broke next month! $___$

Photos via Nitrolicious + Ology.