Loungefly Winter Sample Sale!!!

Need I say more!? @___@

As the flyer says, “just in time for Christmas!” is very very true! I know a lot of LA area Junkies have been waiting for Loungefly to do this event so hope you saved up some cash for this not-to-be-missed event! I went in the summertime with some Junkies and we all made out like bandits! n_~

When: Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Time: 9am – 5pm
Where: Loungefly Warehouse, 9423 Oso Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311
Remember: Ca$h only!

From my experience it’s pretty much a guarantee that there will be massive amounts of cuteness… So… Who is going!? n____n

Hello Kitty Seasons for Wii

Waaa! Kawaii, neh!? I am sure many of you already know about the new Hello Kitty game for Wii, but did you get to view the trailer yet!? It is too much cuteness (I had to watch it a few times already)… @___@

Looks like a very cute game to play with your friends — I am already planning on taking the game over to my (non-Hello Kitty) friends Joy AND Jessica’s place so we can play together! n___n

Here is the official press release:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: The highly-anticipated Hello Kitty® Seasons is available in North America. Brought to you by Sanrio Digital and video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc (NASDAQ: ZOOG), Hello Kitty Seasons is the first-ever Hello Kitty title for Nintendo Wii™, featuring fun and innovative gameplay that changes with the turning of the seasons. Whether diving into spring cleaning, dishing up ice cream to friends in hot summer weather, picking pumpkins during the brisk fall harvest or keeping friends warm with hot cocoa in the chilly winter, each new season brings a unique look and fresh challenges to Hello Kitty fans.

“Hello Kitty Seasons brings Sanrio Digital into the next phase of Hello Kitty’s video gaming legacy,” said Robert Ferrari, vice president of publishing and business development, Sanrio Digital. “We’re continuing to move into new gaming territories, and as the first Hello Kitty game for the Nintendo Wii, this is an exciting step in a new direction for us and our fans.”

Hello Kitty Seasons is the latest adventure for Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. Players take part in an adventure through which they help develop a whimsical, colorful village while participating in exciting quests while the seasons change right before their eyes. Hello Kitty fans of all ages can unlock items to customize their avatar, upgrade their town and collect in-game items including clothing and accessories as they progress through the game. Players will be guided on missions and minigames by beloved Sanrio® characters including Hello Kitty®, My Melody®, Keroppi®, Badtz-Maru®, Little Twin Stars®, Chococat® and others.

“As many of Hello Kitty’s fans love to play games on the Nintendo Wii, we’re proud to play a part in bringing this unparalleled interactive experience to consumers in partnership with Sanrio Digital,” said Mark Seremet, CEO, Zoo Games. “Hello Kitty Seasons puts fans into the magical realm of Sanrio to play a number of beloved outdoor activities. The creative mini-games featured in Hello Kitty Seasons may even inspire new seasonal traditions for families and friends.”

Rated “E” for Everyone, Hello Kitty Seasons is available at retailers across the U.S. and Canada for Nintendo Wii with a MSRP of $29.99…

This is for sure on my Holiday wish list this year! The best deal I was able to scope out online was Hello Kitty Seasons for Wii on Amazon which is currently available at $28.99 AND this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

If anybody has played this game already, please let me know how much you like it! Leave me a comment, message me on Hello Kitty Junkies, send me a tweet, post on the FB wall, whatever you like! n_~

Holy Hello Kitty Plushies!

I cannot resist Hello Kitty plushies! I feel a bit silly going goo-goo gaa-gaa over these little stuffed animals… But seriously, I cannot resist! While I was in Taiwan, I picked up a few plushies – some old, some new, some inexpensive ($249 TWD = $7.78 USD), some a little more $$$$ than I wanted to pay… Oh! The things I will do for Kitty-chan! @______@

Sleeping Kitty-chan is kawaii, neh!? She is perfect for a small nap pillow…

Blue Kitty (Hello Kitty x Blue Teddy collabo)…

This Pink Ribbon Hello Kitty was released in 2009 to raise awareness for breast cancer (part of the sales were donated to the cause as well)… She is SOOO adorable with her strawberries!

This kawaii little strawberry Hello Kitty plushie definitely passed “Jill’s Hello Kitty Plush Test” — there are three components that make a Sanrio plush a “Grade A” level:

  1. Made of super soft material
  2. Little feet must be able to move freely
  3. Little balls (plastic pellets — what beanie babies have inside them) in the booty

Love her pink satin outfit!

Her moving feet! n_~

Hello Kitty plushie from the Happy Sanrio Winter series that I *love* so much! @_@

Kitty-chan looks so adorable when she *blushes* n_n

Ahhh! So much pink together makes my heart *smile*

While this is not *new* by any means, I still wanted to have this in my collection. My friend Amandabot (who is not a Hello Kitty fan) even likes it — she says it does not look like Hello Kitty… I do not know the official name of this series… Anybody?

That’s all for now… n_n

Happy Sanrio Winter 2009

I am completely in *L-O-V-E* with the Happy Sanrio Winter collection! It is beyond adorable! My *fave* thing!? I cannot keep my eyes off the Cake Diorama and the wreath!!! @_@ To die for!!! I wish they sold this collection in the States! I have also fallen in love with these plushies! They look so soft and cuddly! I feel like a little kid… I mean, c’mon — who dreams about Hello Kitty and friends as plushies!?!?! But I cannot stop thinking about how kawaii everything is! I hope my Hello Kitty Junkies feel the same way as I do!

There are six desktop wallpapers available for download *my dreaming might come from the fact that I am staring at my computer screen for most of the time I am at work* o_O

Random Hello Kitty Sightings…

I am the type of person who keeps setting things aside. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to stay on top of things. Anyway, these are some photos I have been meaning to post… I saw this Zucca magazine at Kinokuniya and there were a few pages that dealt with Hello Kitty. I could not understand it though… It was all in Japanese (*note to self:  at least get started on learning Japanese)…

Hello Kitty on Zucca

This was the inside of one of the activity books in the kids’ section… Yes, you too can draw Hello Kitty with these simple steps!

Hello Kitty Activity Book -- Draw Hello Kitty

I told Amandabot these are ghosts, and she corrected me! o_O Duh! How could I forget!? These are teru teru bozu, or Japanese rain dolls… Sanrio even made a character based on one. ^_^

Hello Kitty Activity Book

I wanted to share this oopsie I spotted! I wonder if someone at Sanrio got in trouble for this one…

Sanrio Oopsie

The artwork for the envelope was printed upside down… I still used it to send out to one of my pen pals. ^_^

Sanrio Oopsie

While walking through the Valencia Town Center, I caught a glimpse of the wall of t-shirts inside Anchor Blue. There was a 2 for $30 USD sale going on for all the t’s, including this Hello Kitty witch t-shirt.

Hello Kitty Witch T-Shirt at Anchor Blue

And downstairs, I spotted this adorable little rain boot! Obviously, I cannot fit into these… And I think it is too premature to buy them for my daughter (I do not even have a boyfriend right now)… So, I was thinking about using one as a flower vase. What do you think? Could be kawaii, right!?

Pink Hello Kitty Rain Boots

And when I was at the Northridge Fashion Center, I saw this butterfly? plushie for the first time! I think she is a butterfly because she has the wings… But who knows!?

Hello Kitty Butterfly Plushie

And… I spotted some more of the winter holiday plushies! I wonder if there is a My Melody one out there too! o_O

Sanrio Winter Plushies